ADF: Gen Katumba Rushes To Goma

drug geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Army Spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda confirmed the trip, buy more about saying Katumba would seek assurances from the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) on combating the Uganda rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

“ADF is a security threat to Uganda. Gen Katumba will have discussions with relevant authorities to ensure this militia is dealt with in accordance with UN directives,” said Ankunda in an exclusive interview with this website on Saturday.

Katumba will meet senior officials in the DRC army, including Chief of Staff Lt Gen Didier Etumba Longila and leaders of the FIB.

The FIB has a UN mandate to clean the Eastern DRC of all negative elements including ADF and Rwanda militia FDLR.

Relations between Uganda and DRC have been on and off in recent years over the threat posed by the ADF which has reportedly been carrying out military drills and recruiting new combatants in North Kivu.


The rebel group was defeated in the late 1990s after a deadly incursion of Western Uganda.

A few months ago, ADF struck Kamango town near the Uganda border, sending thousands into refugee camps in Kasese.

Humanitarian agencies responded by warning of possible fresh violence breakout as rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) continued to remobilize their combatants.

While the Ugandan side of the border remains calm with no security incidents reported and UPDF maintaining a presence all along the border, sources say they expect ADF to attack before Christmas.

Ugandan security chiefs including Gen Kale Kayihura, Gen Aronda Nyakairima and Brig James Mugira on several occasions urged DRC to reign in on the rebels in vain.

“The Ugandan side of the border remains calm with no security incidents reported and UPDF maintain a presence all along the border.”


Based around the Rwenzori Mountains of North Kivu, the Al-Qaeda-sponsored militia has increased the number of its combatants from 800 to 1,500 by January 2013 and has some supporters inside the Uganda.

Of these fighters, 1,000 are believed to be highly trained and well-equipped under military commander Hood Lukwago while the elusive Al-Qaeda-trained combatant, Jamil Mukulu, remains the supreme leader.

Mukulu has been cited in ADF training camps, Eastleigh area of Kenya and Tanga province, Tanzania.

In 2011, Kenya security operatives raided the residence of Mukulu but fell short of arresting the terrorist. It’s only the rebel commander’s son identified as Hassan Mukulu and a trove of documents that were recovered from the posh residence.

Ankunda recently said “Al-Shabaab have been training ADF on how to use improvised explosives. But we will defeat all forms of external aggression.”

The better part of the ADF composition was obliterated in the late 1990s when they attempted to attack Uganda through western Uganda.

Sources say former PGB Commander, Brig Geoffrey Muheesi, was the first UPDF officer to command operations against ADF in the Rwenzori area.

He was later backed by the late Maj Gen James Kazini and Gen Salim Saleh, who, through the Alpine Brigade, wiped out ADF central command before pursuing and killing its followers.

Having failed to overrun UPDF bases in western Uganda, ADF resorted to urban terrorism. Bombs were detonated in Kampala in which scores of innocent people died.

Sources said it was then spymaster Brig Henry Tumukunde who dismantled ADF cells in Buganda region. With such a decisive defeat, ADF had no option but to retreat to the trenches in DRC.

It resorted to kidnaps and forced recruitment of combatants to fill its ranks and raise a force to wage war again. ADF also carried out assault operations on DRC army bases where they captured weapons for its militants.

Sources say ADF trains groups of young people in its camps for several months before sending them to Somalia to fight.

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