Bakabulindi Roots For Vocational Education

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While addressing a congregation at the 15th Graduation at Pearl Institute of Cosmetology, Design and Commercial studies in Nsangi, Wakiso district on Friday, the minister observed that the world today needs innovative people who can create their own jobs other than job seeking.

“In the past, people used to regard vocational studies as a case for failures but today, very many people have benefitted from vocational studies as compared to their counterparts in the professional section,” Bakabulindi stated.


Bakabulindi further noted that in the 1970s, wedding gowns and graduation gowns were exported from other countries but now, Uganda has a very big number of experts who can make such things thus making vocational studies a relevant discipline to our nation.

“And in the past, no one knew that we could have Indians who are millionaires as it is now,” he added.

Florence Magembe, the principal of Pearl Institute, called upon all male youth to take part in cosmetology lessons and change the attitude which has existed for long in the people’s minds that these are the courses for ladies only.

“I advise all the 60 students who have graduated today to start up their own businesses rather than looking for jobs. Lastly, I advise parents to bring more students to vocational schools because after acquiring skills, they use them to start ventures which support them when going for further studies in universities,” Magembe said.

At this graduation ceremony, 60 students; 4 boys and 56 girls gained diplomas and certificates in various disciplines like cosmetology, hairdressing, function decoration and fashion design.

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