Gov’t Orders Kasokoso Residents To Accept Talks or Vacate

page geneva;”>The said land currently hosts over 30, mind 000 residents who claim to be bonafide occupants that must be compensated before eviction.

Hell broke loose earlier this month, when residents roughed up surveyors from National Housing who had come to open up and demarcate the land.

Kasokoso burn objects as the battle with police


Police responded in full force, firing teargas and live ammunition, and dozens were reported injured including women and small children.

While addressing journalist at the Media center today, Thursday, the ministry of Lands spokesperson, Mr. Denis Obbo, emphasised that these were illegal occupants and had no choice but to sit with the land owners and talk the matters through.

“While most of them claim to have lived on the land for the last 20years, the law only protects Bonafide occupants who must have occupied that land since 1983 [30 years],” Obbo clarified.

He then added: “These now are what we call ‘Landless Ugandans’ and we don’t want landless people in the country. They should accept dialogue to formalise their stay or get kicked out.”

He went on and observed that “by all means this land will have to be developed, and therefore, the earlier they resolve the matter the better”.

Apparently, National Housing has proposed to set up some 1000 low-cost units to cater for these residents, as well as a few other apartments for the middle income and rich tenants there.

Residents took to the roads as they demonstrated

This, Obbo said was a good gesture and a perfect ground to start the quest for harmony between the two rivaling sides.

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