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UDSA Moves For Schooling Pedestrians On Road Signs

information pills http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes/update.php geneva;”>Earnest Zziwa, the national coordinator for UDSA, in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports, argued that pedestrians are the prime causers of road accidents as they have weaknesses in reading the traffic lights on the roads hence crossing anyhowly.

“Pedestrians also need to be trained on how to use the roads, read road signs, markings and getting to be sensitised about traffic lights,” Zziwa added.

He further suggested that schools should also come up with serious lessons about road signs and traffic lights, and also prepare a practical where kids are taken out of the class to study these signs physically in order to reduce on the number of people dying in road accidents per year.


Pedestrains crossing the road

According to the chairman Uganda Bus Drivers and Allied Association, Hannington Kiwanuka, “it has always been the drivers to be blamed for road accidents excusing the pedestrians who do not know how to effectively use the roads”.

Many people use roads in Uganda: drivers, adults, young children, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists.

But the Bi-annual traffic accident report for 2012 shows that some 1500 people have been killed in the first six months of this year due to road accidents.

The death statistics includes 578 pedestrians. The report also shows that, unlike before, pedestrians contribute highly to the number of accident victims.

The ministry of Works and Transport released a report last year showing that 400 children die in road accidents every year.

The report also clarified that by far the most common type of injury accidents involve motorcycle collisions where children are parked on bodabodas to the schools and back home.

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