Express FC Coach Faces Knife

capsule geneva;”>visit web sans-serif;”>Club administrators have been threatening to sack Anyau whom they hired early this season from Entebbe FC because of the club’s inconsistent performance.

“If they sack me, I will be happy just because I still have a contract with them and that means they will pay more in a short while,” said Anyau.

He also explained that the “players who have been with Express FC before my arrival are demanding salaries and bonuses of the last 14 months while those who joined after my arrival are demanding for only four months”.

“I personally demand a salary for four months. So how do you expect the team to perform well in such a situation?” Anyau queried.


Express FC is the 13th on the table with 13 points from 14 games this season.

The club may face relegation only two years after being crowned Super League Champions.

However, club administrators said they are working on the payment issues.

“Let everyone do his job at the club, the coach should coach and players should play. We are working on the issue of payments because we know everybody’s problem,” said one Express official.

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