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KCCA Elections Touch Off Social Media Firestorm

pharmacy http://closdescapucins.fr/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The President’s Special Assistant for Research and Information, http://colbleu.fr/wp-content/plugins/exploit-scanner/hashes-3.7.5.php Morrison Rwakakamba, http://curaacufeni.com/wp-includes/author-template.php was quick to intervene, saying government should be spared criticism as it did not appoint the new councillors.

Rwakakamba said the public should not disrespect membership of professional bodies by questioning their choice.

“It is deadly wrong to look at results of professional bodies elections through regional, tribal and sectarian lenses. The key word here is ‘elected’. They were not appointed and electorate is composed of professionals from across the Country,” he argued.

“People should ask the following questions: Were they appointed or elected? Do you doubt discernment capabilities of professional bodies’ electorate? Is the electorate from one region? You see professional bodies are indeed professional with elaborate decorum, values and standard rules that govern their practice.”

The newly elected councilors are Frank Kanduho representing Uganda Law Society, Denson Nyabwana (Uganda Medical Association), Verna Mbabazi Mwinganisa (Uganda Society of Architects) and Kagyina Karuma (Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers).


Lukwago ousting

Observers say the election implies that all is set to have Lukwago impeached.

Minister in charge of Kampala Hon Frank Tumwebaze will now present last week’s KCCA tribunal report to a fully constituted council soon.

The councilors will in turn vote to either exonerate Lukwago of his charges of office mismanagement, misconduct and incompetence, or go ahead and impeach him.

Without the four councilors, the council would have been devoid of the legally required quorum and thus unable to take any decision against the Lord Mayor as was the ruling by High Court Justice Vincent Zehurikiize in Lukwagos’ petition against the legality of the council earlier in June.

The councilors need to raise 24 votes to effect Lukwago’s impeachment.

Only 19 signed the impeachment petition against the lord mayor, which was why according to Mukono municipality MP Betty Namboze, Hon Tumwebaze through the electoral commission stepped up efforts to have the 4 posts filled.

Fire storm

Journalist Chris Obore today posted on his Facebook in response to the election of the councillors: “But sincerely, doesn’t this show that power both political and financial lies in the West? Is that a good thing for the so much talked about patriotism? And you still want to kick out Erias Lukwago a Muganda? The war in KCCA is not about Lukwago and Jennifer Musisi; it’s about a wider political agenda.”

Several Facebook users responded by heaping blame on government.

A one Wapakhabulo wrote: I remember when a certain Mukiga was elected as LC5 Chairman for one district in Bunyoro, Museveni boldly told him to step down when the Banyoro complained of Bafuruki dominating Banyoro… Can the same Museveni reverse this?

Shawn Mubiru had this to say: The reason why I love Kenyan politics is because of one thing, they do not pretend that they don’t vote on tribal lines. This is one notion that we should accept in Uganda and stop pretending how we are not tribal we show people how tribal we can get on certain things and we see if they can prevail.

Wanzala Richard disagreed with Obore’s views: “So what? Should we disenfranchise one just because they are from a particular region? Are there no people from the west backing Lukwago? Should we stop the likes of Besigye, Tinkasiimire, Karuhanga, Turinawe et. al from participating in KCCA politics just because they are from the west?? These are questions for you Chris Obore!”

Tribal anarchy

Rwakakamba said the public shouldn’t be dragged in cheap talk of partisanship and sectarianism.

“They are keen on meritocracy and due process. That’s why indeed they are called professional bodies. I want to encourage Ugandan’s not be duped by self-seekers and revisionists who wish to drag the country into spate of tribal anarchy,” he advised.

“We did overcome this long time ago- and we shall prevail as a people. Let’s respect the ingenuity and discernment of membership of our professional bodies. By smearing and questioning outcome of their electoral process is really to choose expediency over logic.”

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