Storm In DP

approved http://demamore.com/wp-includes/version.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>These youth say that it is very unfortunate that the DP parliamentarians have contributed nothing towards the building of the party headquarters yet they are enjoying all the benefits in Parliament on the party’s ticket.

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“The oldest party and second in Africa after the ANC is up to now still renting an old building where its headquarters are located, what a shame!” wondered the UYD members.

The UYD members received a rumor that the party is being chased from its headquarters at City House in Kampala and later stormed the party’s plot of land in Rubaga where they camped demanding an immediate construction to kick off.

The DP legal adviser, Fred Mukasa Mbidde, in an exclusive interview has however, reacted to the move by the UYD as lack of proper training of multiparty politics by the young boys and girls which he says the party is now preparing to begin.

“The young people need some bit of more training, because a political party is not located at a town headquarter but must be located in the hearts of the supporters and members; that is the biggest headquarter that one can build,” Mbidde noted.


He added: “The party doesn’t need just a refurbished headquarter just to house rumormongers that call themselves political party members.”

Mbidde further advised that if one is looking for a party with the best building then joining DP is a wrong choice that one would have made.

“Our party must be located in the hearts of the people and not in the buildings of Kampala and this should be an effort by all who claim to be party members; if the issue was of having a building then UPC would be the party in power by now,” he added.

However, the party presidential press secretary, Fred Mwesigwa, noted that the construction of party headquarters is resuming soon adding that the construction plan has already been drafted.

“It is only waiting for approval so that the other construction process can go on,” he concluded.

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