M23: We’ll Defend Our Cause

cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Firstly, pharmacy I wish to thank the majority of Ugandans who write about the DR Congo; the ‘’sick man of the Great Lakes region’’ and who are able to see through and reject the simplistic misrepresentations that form the dominant narrative about the DR Congo conflict.

We in the M23 acknowledge that we are victims of a negative propaganda campaign and that is the most important battle that we lost. We maintain that our soldiers are heroes who defended a just cause and were willing to pay with the ultimate sacrifice.

My attention is drawn to the habitual misinformation peddled in Uganda’s television media and newspapers by self – proclaimed ‘’experts on the region’’ namely yourself and David Pulkol. For instance according to you one’s ethnic identity determines one’s adherence to a political ideology.

When quoting Kambasu Ngeve’s opinion with regard to signing an agreement with the DR Congo Government, you emphasize that Kambasu is a Mundande (ethnic Congolese Bakonzo) and his ethnicity supposedly has a bearing in his opinion that M23 should ‘’just accept the terms of the DRC government’’.

You further erroneously claim that Kambasu is the only Mundande in the M23 leadership whereas the truth is that there are many ethnic Congolese Bakonzo in the M23 Executive, in the military wing and among the cadres of the Movement.


You write that M23 has to take defeat with humility and accept the surrender terms of the DRC government as if M23 was defeated by the DRC government. M23 should stop ‘’deceiving’’ themselves so you write.

I wish to remind you that we in M23 still have the opportunity to defend our cause using means other than military. A battle lost is by no means a war lost.

Our decision to engage in a political/military struggle was a reaction to the brutality of the Kinshasa regime which regime unfortunately imported foreign help to silence internal political grievances.

You claim that there is no discrimination of Rwandophones and Hema people in DR Congo based on the fact that Bisingimana, an ethnic Tutsi happens to occupy the post of the Chief of Police but if you had an opportunity to talk with Kambasu he would inform you in your mother tongue of the manner in which he was sentenced to three years imprisonment after he was found guilty of being sympathetic to Tutsis and Hema.

Kambasu gave his testimony to the Facilitator and the international observers in the presence of the DR Congo Government delegation during the Kampala peace talks.

You write that M23 has to accept a humiliation because foreigners will continue to prop up and save the Kinshasa regime and you are right about the foreign support to Kabila’s regime but I come to the conclusion that you are not genuinely concerned about peace in the DR Congo because one who genuinely is would ask the very important question ……at what cost to the nation is the continued propping up of a failed regime?

Is the M23 supposed to accept humiliation and applaud those who take the wealth, sovereignty and soul of our nation? According to you we can proceed to have a requiem for what Patrice Lumumba referred to as a sacred cause.

I call upon all Pan-Africans to remember that the history of liberty is the history of resistance and as Martin Luther King said ‘’If a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live’’.

The author is the leader of the M23 delegation to the Kmapala peace talks

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