Kampalans: Restore Lukwago Or Abolish Mayoral Office

sildenafil http://chamberhealthcoop.com/wp-admin/includes/bookmark.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>City dwellers, seek http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-theme-install-list-table.php the rightful voters, urgently want government to re-organise the mayoral elections because he was voted by them and in the same manner, he should be removed by them voters themselves.

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) tribunal found Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor on Thursday, guilty of misconduct, abuse of office, and incompetence.

ChimpReports made a follow up and gathered opinions of city dwellers as regards the fate of their leader and here, we bring you their thoughts.

Jerom Kaddu, a driver says that, there was injustice in the judge’s ruling against the Lord Mayor and requests that if Lukwago is forced out of office then “the post for the Lord Mayor should be removed and government chooses him instead of spending tax payers’ money in organising elections that are not based on the decision of the voters”.

Marble Kalungi, a trader in Kampala, says that, the Lord Mayor “should not leave office before completing his term of five years because that was a trick played by president Museveni with councilors whom he promised Shs 25 million each, in a secret meeting at State House”.


Isa Kabanda, another trader in Kampala, says that, “this is a multiparty government where there are supposed to be different parties ruling but its government that wants to change the constitution and rule the Lord Mayor out of office which they will give to the NRM members”.

John Isabirye, a bodaboda cyclist in Kampala, says that, “that is politics being played, the Lord Mayor must stand firm and stay in his office because he was voted by people of Kampala but not the government and councilors as it is done”.

He adds that “Uganda’s politics is really dirty because it is the government that decides and always changes the constitution”.

Sarah Kirabo, a business woman in Kampala, says that, “let us go back to the votes and Lukwago is voted again because this is a democratic government where people should decide who they want to rule them but not government or councilors”.

Well, Erias Lukwago, the City’s Lord Mayor’s two and a half year’s stay in the office has been characterised by disagreements with the KCCA team headed by its Executive director, Jennifer Musisi.

Rumour circulated all over yeasterday that the KCCA executive director, Musisi and her councilors had rushed to State House to meet the president and receive her Shs 25m token for their job well-done, that is, ousting Lukwago from his seat.

The truth behind these rumours is not yet verified.

After the report had implicated him, Lukwago stormed parliament and held a secret meeting with other opposition leaders.

Soon, a committee was formed to hire 50 lawyers and reinstated him to city hall.

Other opposition members vowed to mobilise mass riots around the city to oppose court ruling and the tribunal’s findings.

Yesterday, a riot actually loomed as traders closed their shops around Kisseka market fearing that chaos was about to begin.

The Lord Mayor is on a fourteen-day “holiday” in which his fate will be decided by KCCA councilors.

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