Kalangala: Mushrooming Business Island

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Pearl Gardens Beach

Whereas Kalangala is a home of beaches like Mirembe, Ssesse Habitat Resort, Ssesse Palm beach, Ssesse Islands Club and Ssesse hotel beach, Pearl Gardens threatens to take number one position.

Pearl Gardens Beach hotel

Rebecca Namanda, the manager, Pearl Gardens beach, tells how they gathered their business started in 2004 with 30 rooms, 10 of which were self contained.


The beach now lies on 6 acres and is still expanding to cover 55 acres. It employs around 35 people.

They provide accommodation (well-furnished cottages), restaurant, disco hall and barbeque.

“We have also put up a camping site with self-contained bathrooms and can accommodate 200 people. The tents are charged Shs 50,000 per person per day but we can give a discount,” Namanda said.

They get few customers especially during school time but compensate for this in September and January when lots of holiday makers are on a touring spree.

Pearl beach offers a range of activities like touring the island, nature walks (Shs 15,000 per person) with a guide, canoeing, boat riding (Shs 30,000), sport fishing (Shs 800,000) per two hours provided with hooks and bets.

According to Namanda, most of these activities are preferred by whites. The locals need only to relax through music, drinking and swimming.

“We prepare Indian, local and English dishes depending on the menu but know what most people like,” she said.

She further noted that the biggest challenge to this business is dealing with customers who don’t appreciate their services.

“They make you feel bad. Some fail to turn up after much work of preparing and organising.”

On the other hand, Ben Abila, the manager Ssehab, believes that beach investment depends on the theme and what you are providing to the people (menu).

“You count turn over and prospect buyers and then plan with the season. You also need to look out for a good location, target market with the locals first while opening avenues for advertising,” Abila said.

One of the units as Ssesse Habitat Resort

Other businesses thriving on Kalangala include fishing, carpentry, retail shops and palm oil growing. All these business have developed the island at a high rate.

There were only two cars, one phone at the post office and no bodabodas but all these have multiplied in a very short time.

There is hope that Kalangala will be the biggest tourist attraction in two years to come.

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