Gen. Saleh Roots For Wealth Creation In Kasese

website geneva; font-size: small;”>According to a letter from Dr. Pius Ruhemurana’s office, physician the Mayor Kabale Municipal Council, dated 16th October 2013 and addressed to the Town Clerk, Kabale Municipal Council had Shs 65m of road refund money on the road account.

“The council had planned to use the money to repair Ngorogoza road and tarmac roads in Makanga hill but at the close of the financial year, only five million was on the road account and none of the roads were worked on,” the letter states.

It is also alleged that in the first quarter of this financial year, Kabale Municipal Council received Shs 150m which was deposited on general fund account but a few days later, Shs 130m was transferred to works account while Shs 113m was also withdrawn and paid for works on the new council offices under construction.


Dr. Pius Ruhemurana expressed concerns that the works accounts were all drained and road works in the first quarter of the financial year cannot be worked on.

“As the chief accounting officer, the Town Clerk’s unconditional channeling of money to unconditional projects is illegal and undermines government programmes and denies tax payers services and development,” Dr. Ruhemurana told ChimpCorps, in an exclusive interview.

Meanwhile, the Kabale Municipal Council Speaker, Mr. Muhanguzi Richard, adjourned the Tuesday’s council session after the Town Clerk who was asked to appear before the house to present a report on the ongoing projects scandals, failed to appear before the angry councilors.

However, the deputy Town Clerk, Mr. Ntengyerize Reuben, who represented the Town Clerk, told the angry councilors that he was not informed in time and could not contribute anything.

This has prompted the Councilors to propose that the meeting be adjourned until 20th November 2013 so that the Town Clerk is informed and can be able to reply to the Kabale Municipal Council in writing within seven days.

This is not the first time Augustine Bujara is cited in a criminal act.

He was once before implicated in the illegal sell of more than 200 trees belonging to Kabale Municipality to a local businessman only identified as Richard near the Bank of Uganda currency center at Makanga hill.

The deal came to limelight after Robert started cutting down the trees, which drew the attention of Kabale municipal councilors as this has one done.

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Gen. Salim Saleh made the remarks at Verina Gardens central division Kasese Municipality, while meeting the business fraternity on wealth creation.

“Some business communities in Kasese lack proper information on their activities and businesses which has resulted into price fluctuation among others,” Gen. Saleh remarked.

He asked business communities in Kasese to embrace team work, unity and proper coordination if they are to realise development and prosperity of their businesses, adding that working as a team reduces the cost of expenditures.

However, the business men and women reported to Salim Saleh that Kasese district has got many self-styled investors who do the same businesses as the locals which they said has led to price competition.

They further blamed the Uganda Revenue Authority for harassing them while collecting revenue and carrying out inaccurate assessments.

The meeting was attended among others by the deputy RDC Kasese, Mr. Aminadabu Muhindo, the senior Commercial Officer, Mr. Simon Kasereka and the deputy Mayor, Mrs. Grace Mbambu.

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