Only AU Can Stop Wars,Profiteering In DRC

remedy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>For example, recipe the coltan reserves in Congo constitute 80% of the world’s coltan, page 60% of its cobalt and provides higher grade copper to the world. Many sources have graded DRC’s mineral net worth at around $ 15 trillion – $1 trillion bigger than the GDP of the United States of America.

The war in Congo is cooked in backyards of global war entrepreneurs- and these entrepreneurs must be reined in if we are to ever have a peaceful Congo and a prosperous Africa. Therefore, to accuse, isolate, mudsling and sanction some African Countries is to really miss the point.

But we must begin by identifying, speaking out and reprimanding war entrepreneurs- who are safely decked in global capitals like New york, London, Brussels, Beijing etc. These war merchants are in form of countries, companies, aid groups, warlords and individuals. They are beneficiaries of chaos and can only harvest gold, uranium, timber and other resources in situations of war.

Because of war they dig minerals free of charge and continue to facilitate black market and prodding kangaroo economies around the world. In fact various reports by United Nations (UN) panel of experts found that 85 global companies had violated international norms, including the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises promulgated by the Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in connection with their purchase of key natural resources from parties engaged in fighting in the DRC.

The reports called on governments to place financial restrictions on 29 of the companies and impose travel restrictions and other sanctions against more than 50 specific individuals.


Of the 85 companies named in the October 2002 report of UN experts, eight, including Cabot Corporation, Eagle Wings Resources International, Trinitech International, Kemet Electronics Corporation, OM Group (OMG); and Vishay Sprague, are United States of America owned.

But nay- no action has ever been taken by countries where most these companies come from.

What happened to the January, 2003 Security Council resolution that strongly condemned the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the DRC and demanded that all governments act immediately to end business engineered abuses?

Because of the foregoing, by 2012 over 7.4 million people have died since 2008 in DRC.– The Human Security Report Project of Simon Fraser University has contested the foregoing toll of war-related deaths but the consensus is that Congo remains a never-ending menace, one of the bloodiest conflicts since World War II.

The story of DRC remains a story of pain, agony, squander, squalid livelihoods, warlordsim, huge external debt, jungle, international action etc. Why should the people of Congo and entire Africa accept this?

It’s time for a concert of Africa that underpins autonomy in management of its own affairs. The issue of an African organized and financed standby army/force is now.

The time for Trans-boundary infrastructure projects that link the continent and deepen social economic integration is now. The time for an African joint stock market is now. From the Example of African Development Bank, we have seen the waning influence of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the Continent. Therefore, we can do this.

President Joseph Kabila should therefore disentangle his country from the jungle of global mineral vendors, savvy mercantilists and Eurocentric diplomacy and embrace efforts of African Union and The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) to find lasting solution for peace in his country.

African countries have continued to show goodwill and brotherhood to DRC and its people. Millions of refugees are scattered across the African Continent. It the African continent that has honest vested interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo- period

Morrison Rwakakamba

Special Presidential Assistant – Research and Information

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