Museveni, Janet For Public HIV Testing

viagra order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This function will be held on Friday at Kiswa Health Center IV just opposite Shell Bugolobi.

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treat geneva;”>The Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) said in a statement on Thursday that “the objective of the public HIV counseling and testing is to demonstrate to all Ugandans the importance of knowing your HIV status as an action towards an HIV-free generation.”

This will be the first time Museveni and Janet are publicly testing for HIV.

Museveni in the early 1990s led campaigns aimed at sensitizing the public about the dangers and spread of HIV in the country at a time when many were shy about discussing sexual matters in public.

Health experts believe many continue to shy away from HIV/AIDS testing leading to early death of AIDS victims.


The President is expected to call upon parents, teachers, all political, religious, cultural, and community leaders as well as the media in Uganda, to urge Ugandans to test for HIV and seek advice and care from a health facility and to encourage men to be actively involved in the health of their families.

The First Lady, the champion of the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV campaign in Uganda will also reminds all pregnant women to get tested for HIV.

UAC said people who have tested are less likely to get infected and less likely to infect their loved ones and that those who learn early that they are HIV positive, will get the care and treatment they need, which will improve their quality of life.

“Any pregnant woman who tests HIV positive will be given treatment and assisted to have an HIV-free baby.,” UAC, adding, “Testing for HIV together as a couple will help a couple to support each other, and if one is HIV positive and another is negative, the negative person will be assisted to remain negative.”

In addition to HIV counseling and testing, other HIV prevention methods are critical to reducing the spread of HIV, including: delaying first sex, abstinence, being faithful, correct and consistent condom use, voluntary counseling and testing, testing for HIV when pregnant to eliminate mother-to-child transmission, safe male circumcision, and antiretroviral therapy to reduce new HIV infections.

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