Political Maturity Calls For Sacrificing Selfishness

cure geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>I believe that if this goes on beyond most of our life span, thumb we will continue to nurture a nation that is full of hatred and hence unity a dream far off.

click geneva;”>Maturity in politics calls for sacrifice of personal ego, ambitions and selfishness, we need to learn that we are all striving to build a better Uganda where all are free, happy, and peaceful yet we can live in harmony.

Our political parties are vehicles or platforms that are meant to be used to propel our political beliefs or call them ideologies that should point in one direction of putting country first hence serving the citizens of this great nation called Uganda.

We cannot shun brotherhood and sisterhood a value that will nurture unity in all Ugandans; we must accept that loss of the moral fabric from our society has made suspicion stronger than trust in all of us.

This nation was built on values, sacrifice and trust our fore fathers believed that with God who is the provider of all mankind nothing is impossible. Men and women have turned away from these values we are raising up society that prides itself in gambling, stealing, killing and maiming one another with impunity.


Why would one of our own be in a land far off because he believes in a different shade of opinion so he qualifies to become an enemy of the state?

This nation was preserved for all of us regardless of dialect, culture, norms, but what should unite us is that; we were destined to be citizens and habitants of this land, no one chose to be a Ugandan and that is a fact. We have continued survive and live for now because we have failed to discover what defines us as Ugandans.

This tendency of surviving and living for now has been attacked by corruption, theft of men without values and a dark conscience that has failed to connect to a nervous system that would revamp a sense of feeling in their mortal bodies.

In a sense we have been attacked by a brand of vampires who have no pointed teeth busy sucking the very little blood that we are remaining with.

Life is an opportunity to test character, while leadership is an opportunity to serve with values. We are deadlocked in a situation where we look at each other with suspicion, hate, and unforgiving tendencies.

We have been bound in chains of selfishness, greed, love for power and unrighteous dominion by our fellow countrymen and women who should serve us.

Our rights have trampled upon, our dignity has been stolen away, our strength replaced with fear, we have been encircled never lamentation, anger but with no hope to reverse this unfortunate moment.

We have continued in this state of fear because we have chosen to associate ourselves with it and be manipulated even in the very time we need liberate ourselves.

Just like our fore fathers, no foreign being or super natural clowned fighter will change things for us, we must stand up for our rights, demand for a better Uganda everyday of our lives. This can be done when we have a change in mindset.

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