FDC Condemn Buhweju Election Malpractice

price geneva;”> viagra geneva;”>The leading opposition party decried arrest of their agents during the polls, on simple grounds that they were not residents in the constituency.

While there exists no law, which dictates the origin of any candidate’s agent, FDC claim that in the Buhweju polls, once a person was not known in the area and did not carry a voters’ card, they were arrested and thus in the process, many of their agents were locked up by police.

In a press brief on Monday, party spokesperson Wafula Oguttu attributed the unlawful arrests to former Kampala Metropolitan police commander Grace Turyagumanawe.


“This man clearly specializes in harassing FDC,” he said. “His next home once this government is gone has already been decided and that will be Luzira.”

The party also condemned heavy police deployment in the area, which they say, scared away about half of the registered voters from turning up to vote.

“The heavy vehicles, hundreds of policemen in every corner of the villages, tanks and mambas all were uncalled for. An election is not a war. It is a time where people should willingly get out of their homes and go to choose the leaders they want.”

NRM’s Oliver Kyoyetenga beat her fierce opponent and FDC candidate Jane Bwiruka, having polled 17637 [65.6%] while the latter got 9266 [34.4%], in the election that sought to replace the area Woman MP Joy Kariisa who died earlier in September.

Triumphant Kyoyetenga and her NRM party were also accused of ‘open bribery’ during the elections

FDC alleged that Kyoyetenga’s fliers were being distributed along with money to the impoverished voters prior to and during the polls.

The Electoral Commission however, had described the entire voting process as ‘Very Peaceful’

Though FDC’s Bwiruka had since promised to challenge the EC in courts of law, Oguttu said that the party was nonetheless impressed by the results.

“Buhweju is a backyard and stronghold of President Museveni. In previous elections we used to poll 1% or less, but now that we closed to 40%, it certainly was a big plus for us,” Oguttu explained.

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