Pugilist Lubega Yet To Receive Payment For June Fight

According to the fighter, they had settled for $8000 but has only received only $200 from the promoter.

“She approached me and I accepted her offer but has failed to pay. She has also failed to explain the reasons for failure to pay,” stressed Lubega.

Lubega battled Egypt’s Hany Hatiyo at Kyaddondo rugby grounds in June.


Meanwhile, the local professional boxing body (UPBC)have noted that they are not ready to intervene in the saga.

“We may not be ready to help Lubega since we had advised him not to enter in any deal with the promoter. It’s upon him to negotiate with her so that they can settle their problems,” explained one of the officials from the body.

However, the pugilist has noted that preparations for his forthcoming fight are underway.

“After all I have a fight this month, let me first settle down for preparations but later I will embark on securing my payments for the previous fight.” He added.

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