Somali Leader Visits Kismayo

price geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>During his visit, salve the President was well received by the people of Kismayo and the Interim Jubba Administration.

The port city was initially an economic and military stronghold of the Al Shabaab militants before they were forced out by Kenya Defence Forces’ warplanes.

The seizure of the city cut off the militants’ resource life stream. Many Jihadists were captured while others fled for safety.

The President met with the elders, the interim Jubba Administration, members of the civil society and the business community.

Addressing a large audience at the University hall on Friday, the President pledged an unequivocal commitment from his administration to restoring peace and unity across Somalia.


While meeting with the Jubba Interim administration, an inclusive reconciliation conference to be held in Mogadishu was agreed on.

After an inspection tour of the Port of Kismayo by the President and his delegation, the successful trip was concluded by a return to Mogadishu City.

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