Top Corrupt UPDF Commanders Arrested

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While interacting with Chimpreports on concerns being raised about current deterioration of the image of the national army, UPDF Chief Political Commissar Col Felix Kulaigye said that it was only a few individuals who had strayed from the mainstream tenets of discipline and transparency, which were tarnishing the image of the forces.

“As I speak, everyone whose name was read to the president in that saga is behind bars in Makindye. We are going to ensure that each one of them faces the full wrath of our laws,” noted Kulaigye.


He added, “As the national army, we are under the obligation to work diligently in ensuring peace and stability of the nation, and the citizenry have every right to demand that we do exactly this. It’s true that the devil is there and right amidst us, but we shall not allow him to thrive.”

The public disparagement about UPDF reputation hit significant highs last month following reports that top officials in the Somalia mission had been implicated in high degree corruption scandals.

President Yoweri Museveni while meeting with low profile UPDF returnee soldiers in Singo a couple of weeks ago, was shocked to hear that some top ranking army commanders had indulged themselves in theft and mismanagement of the mission’s funds and supplies.

The soldiers reportedly told Museveni that while they battled the Al Shabaab militants in the horn of Africa, their bosses were busy looting their wages, siphoning fuel, and selling weapons to the rebels.

Kulaigye however, said that the undoing of these individuals should not be used to demonize the entirety of the national forces.

He illustrated, “Reverend Fathers, pastors and bishops are trained to win should to God. But time and again we hear them raping people’s wives and sodomizing young boys. If these people who are that close to God can emulate the devil in that manner, how amount our men in army uniform?”

The CPC, whose office is charged with counteracting such negative tendencies in the army, said that discipline was and still remained their strong pillar, and confirmed that all those implicate in the Somali scandal had already been apprehended.

He however admitted that in some cases, some top army officials implicated in serious criminal offices and somehow walk away scot-free.

He cited an example of a one Major Otto, a commanding officer in Jinja, who ordered solders from his barracks to attack and loot a market because traders had been making noise all day, only to be transferred t somewhere else.

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