Kadaga Roots For Increased Investment

This was during her visit to the country’s Parliament where she met her Danish counterpart, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft.

Kadaga assured Mogens that with a vibrant private sector, Ugandans will be able to get employment.

She stressed that the partnership between the countries especially in the local communities will help Ugandans adopt the good cooperatives system in Denmark which will increase on production, marketing and investment of their produce.


“This country is very strong on cooperatives. I think this is an area you could support us in because it has helped you with production and marketing,” she said.

However, Mogens expressed fears of African countries not letting development trickle down to the poor people in the rural areas.

“I am wondering whether this discussion about the general development in Africa is benefiting the broad population or the small middle class that is coming up, “he said.

Kadaga said that with a well educated population, Africans will be able to look at more opportunities and stressed that governments need to give more incentives to the people.

She added that there is need to put up structures which will assist the ordinary persons to make use of the availed opportunities.

The speaker identified the problems that the poor people in the rural areas of Uganda face such as accessing bank loans.

“The big companies and firms can access bank loans but these are foreign- owned. We therefore need to match that with our own local resources and local opportunities. That is why we need more investment to create employment and other opportunities for our people,” she said.

Kadaga also stressed the need to do a little more to involve the local population to enable them develop. She added that much as they may have the ideas, the capacity to participate directly in the economy is something that needs to be boosted especially in the rural areas.

She also urged the Danish government to interest more Danes in touring East Africa.

This came at a time when the Danish government was launching a new political initiative ‘Opportunity Africa’ in order to boost Denmark’s presence in Africa.

The initiative combines foreign policy, development co-operation as well as trade and investment. The initiative supports an inclusive and green economic growth in Africa.

Kadaga invited the Danish Parliament to partner with the Uganda Parliament. She expressed the need of the two parliaments to exchange visits so as to improve on the performance of the Uganda Parliament.

“We can establish a Danish Uganda Parliamentary Friendship Association so that one day you could send your team to Uganda, to spend some time and see what we are doing,” stressed the speaker.

Lykketoft applauded Uganda for the great work done in helping its neighbouring countries like Southern Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo attain peace.

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