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Muntu, Mafabi Rift Deepens

what is ed http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/loop/loop-end.php geneva;”>Last week, http://danceexchange.org/wp-includes/deprecated.php Rukungiri MP, Hon Roland Mugume, announced the new party position following several meetings and consultations, to hold new elections for all its leaders countrywide including the president.

However, FDC spokesperson, Wafula Oguttu, dismissed Mugume’s in a press briefing on Monday as ‘misinformation and unguided rumors’.

He said the political party intends to harmonize the tenure of party presidency and other NEC members which for months had caused misunderstandings following a hotly disputed November 2012 election which Nandala Mafabi lost to Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.


The misunderstandings are said to have emerged from the electoral process itself and contradictions on whether the newly elected president was to serve for two years, thus completing the outgoing president Col Besigye’s term, or was to serve a full term of 5 years as per party constitution.

It later emerged that the issue had not been explicitly communicated to voters before they went for polls.

“It was a shortcoming that the party regrets,” said Oguttu.

“Everyone assumed whatever suited them and this is the reason it has remained a divisive and sticky matter up to now.”

The matter, he said, was currently being worked upon by the party’s top leaders’ committee in which he is member and promised to come to the bottom of it within two weeks.

The latest developments in the main opposition party signal a widening of the rift between Muntu and Mafabi and even threaten the cohesion of the party structures as the political organisation prepares for the 2016 general elections.

Gen Muntu hugs a supporter during the FDC Presidential campaigns

Mafabi’s supporters have since made clear their intentions to have Muntu forced out of power to pave way for fresh elections. They claim the Presidential election was rigged in Muntu’s favour, a charge denied by the party leader.

A committee formed to investigate allegations of vote rigging recently recommended that fresh elections be held.

However, the chairman of the commission, Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, has since come under fire for going beyond his terms of reference of the inquiry to make such a recommendation which Muntu’s supporters say was reserved for the party leadership.

Mushega defends Muntu

In a newspaper article published recently, Amanya Mushega, a senior FDC member, blasted Rwakafuzi for peddling lies.

“How did your commission come to recommend the holding of fresh elections from the grassroot? It is common knowledge that elections for grassroot structures are due to take place,” charged Mushega.

Wafula Oguttu speaking to the media at FDC headquarters in Kampala on Monday (Photo: Michael Nteza)

Rwakafuzi had stated in his report that “Nandala Mafabi and his team expressed the view that the elections were fraught with serious irregularities without which the team would have won, and blamed these irregularities on the secretary General, Alice Alaso, Dan Mugarura, the chairperson of the FDC electoral commission and to a lesser extent on the elected party president Mugisha Muntu’’.

According to the city human rights lawyer’s report, Mafabi’s strategists “accepted the results of the election and didn’t seek to overturn them.”

They also wanted the irregularities “resulting from acts of omission or commissioned by the named officers investigated and exposed through truth commission thereafter there would be reconciliation healing in the party.’’

Basing on these grounds, Mushega lashed at Rwakafuzi: “In your findings, you state that the allegations against Alaso were not proved but that the suspicion was “natural and legitimate”. With respect, while to tell lies, concoct stories and give lame excuses may be natural, but certainly it cannot be legitimate.”

He further said the Commission was supposed to “listen, to arbitrate and reconcile the members”.

“Part of the terms of reference for the commission was to “limit its hearing on the concerns raised in the memorandum in respect of events, conduct commissions, omissions etc, which took place within the period of the date of nomination of the party presidential candidates and election of the Party President”.

Mushega is opposed to the holding of fresh elections for the party President

Glimmer of hope

Despite the flaring tempers threatening to plunge the party into total chaos, Oguttu insisted that “the results were accepted by most voters including the other candidates all of whom publicly conceded defeat.”

“It’s not true and there has not been any discussion by any party organ and we are not aware of any party member who wants a repeat of the elections on account that there was nullification or any demand or justification for it,” said Oguttu.

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