Kagame: Rwanda Won’t Die Again

shop medicine geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 250%;”>“Now is the time to wake up. We must be determined to ensure that Rwanda does not die a second time, cost ” said Kagame, adding, “Bad politics has been detrimental to Rwanda and Africa.”

Kagame made the remarks on Saturday in Toronto where he attended the Rwanda Day.

Over three thousand people participated in interactive sessions with President Kagame.

One of the excited participants said Kagame was a man of “principle and integrity and an example for all African leaders.”

Kagame reiterated his determination to crack down on corrupt public servants, saying, “We don’t fight corruption to please others. We fight corruption because we believe resources should benefit all Rwandans.”


He said Rwanda did not choose the path of development to win a prize or please anyone but Rwandans themselves.

“Those who are surprised by Rwanda’s achievements believe success is an anomaly for African nations. We cannot allow our achievements to make us complacent…we must continue to achieve even more,” said Kagame.

The Rwandan leader is credited for fostering peace, stability and economic development in a country brutally hit by the 1994 genocide in which over one million Tutsis were killed in cold blood.

Kagame appealed to Rwandans in the Diaspora to continue “making the kind of investments that will move our nation forward.”

He said government would continue to put its strength in building a prosperous Rwanda that allows citizens to fulfill their full potential.

“Rwanda is not criticized for the development and security we have achieved…we are criticized for choosing our own path. What Rwanda is today should give us pride and should give us the determination to do even more,” he cautioned.

“No one else will build Rwanda for us, everyone else will always have their own interest. Rwanda is each of you; its future is our collective responsibility. We believe in being Rwandans with dignity…who live in peaceful, united and safe nation.”

He added: “You have to think what kind of Rwandan do you want to be…are you ready to be who we should be?”

Rwanda Day brings together Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living around the world to reaffirm their core national value of Agaciro celebrate the country’s progress and discuss ways of being part of Rwanda’s social-economic transformation.

It is an opportunity for Rwandans to meet, interact and exchange views on their country and how they can contribute to the vision of a modern, unified and prosperous nation.

Officials say Rwanda’s success depends on Rwandans living at home and abroad working together as well as partnering with friends of Rwanda to achieve set goals.

Past events held in Boston, Chicago, Paris and Brussels attracted thousands of Rwandans who pledged committed to their country’s development.

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