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Sejusa, Col Ogole Move To Fight Museveni

doctor http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-includes/class-wp-rewrite.php sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>While Gen Sejusa is wanted by UPDF for treason and other charges of misconduct, sale Col Ogole fled to London after President Obote’s regime was toppled.

According to Black Star News, a website run by Uganda opposition sympathizers in United States, Gen Sejusa and Col Ogole, “have been meeting in London over several months and have agreed to work together to end the current oligarchy in Kampala.”

“For [the] sake of Uganda, everything is possible, including admitting past mistakes and moving forward, as a way of atonement,” Gen. Sejusa was quoted as saying on meeting with Col Ogole.

“Reconciliation of the Ugandan people is the only viable way to bring about sustainable peace in our country. Our mission is to secure the future of Uganda so we must not use the past to obscure the mission of today.”

Col Ogole also confirmed meeting Sejusa. “It’s true we have been meeting. Uganda is bigger than all of us. And everything that can bring peace and reconciliation in our country must be done irrespective of history both real or perceived. This is a historic opportunity to heal the wounds of our country. It will advance a sense of nationhood for all the People of Uganda. In the post-Museveni Uganda we will all feel that we belong.”


The fact that Sejusa is mobilizing people with military background in the Diaspora seems to confirm government fears that Sejusa was indeed involved in subversive activities.

Before fleeing to London in April this year, a special intelligence briefing to President Museveni had showed that Sejusa was gathering information about the strength of the Special Forces Command under Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba.

The report showed that Sejusa had managed to put on payroll a group of soldiers within the elite force to provide him with latest information of military equipment, budgets, secret operations and communications of SFC.

Sources say Sejusa had as well managed to mobilize military veterans and thousands of youth to support him in his subversive activities.

Another renegade UPDF officer, Col Samson Mande and opposition strongman, Dr Kizza Besigye, have all confirmed being in contact with Sejusa.

UPDF spokesperson, Col Paddy Ankunda, has said the UPDF can only tolerate “Constitutional change of power” and that whoever tries to usurp power without being elected by the people would be handled accordingly.

“Uganda has developed enough capacity to deal with all forms of aggressions and insurrections. The UPDF is a powerful institution. We have defeated over 20 rebel groups since 1987 so whoever tries to destabilize the country will be dealt with full force,” said Ankunda.

Sources say for a very longtime, Uganda security has always suspected that Ogole is the brains behind most of the rebel groups that have fought Museveni’s government in the last 27 years.

During 2010, a Diaspora-funded rebel group had its cells in different parts of the country, was crushed in deadly military operations.

Scores of suspected rebels were arrested with military equipment and remanded at Luzira Prison.

Who is Ogole?

For starters, Ogole is a military man in his late sixties who rose to the rank of Colonel with the position of Brigade Commander in the Ugandan army until his retirement and emigration to the UK.

He lives in United Kingdom where he has been since 1992.

In or around 1983-5, following a period of training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA Ogole was deployed in the Luwero Triangle as an officer of the Ugandan National Liberation Army (‘UNLA’) loyal to the second government of Dr Obote where he was engaged in conflict with President Museveni’s National Resistance Army.

It is said Ogole commanded operations that gave a bloody nose to NRA fighters, leading to the guerilla group’s temporary disintegration.

Several battle-hardened NRA combatants were killed during Ogole’s counter insurgency ops, a reason Ogole is one of the most-feared military strategists in the post-independence era.

During this time, it is alleged Ogole “committed serious human rights violations.”

He joined the armed forces in the mid 1960s and served in several positions that included Adjutant, Commanding Officer; Brigade Commander; Deputy Director of Records; and Chief of Personnel in Uganda National Liberation Army [UNLA].

It is also thought that Ogole was one of the officers that participated in the military coup against the first government of Dr Obote and also took part in the purge of Lango and Acholi elite from 1971 to 1977. Ogole denies committing atrocities during his military operations.

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