Gov’t Labels MP Ssemujju “Al Shabaab Spokesperson”

purchase http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement Friday that it had noted with “concern and dismay” an article by Nganda in the Observer Newspaper of September, 25, 2013 under the Title “Has UPDF presence in Somalia secured us?”

“One is at pains and fails to understand whether Ssemujju is a spokesperson of al Shabaab or ‘genuine patriot’ wishing to see peace in Somalia and Africa. Ironically, the same ‘analyst’ purports to have sent heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters in Kenya well aware that Al -Shabaab claimed responsibility for this heinous crime,” the statement reads in part.

Government said the controversial lawmaker pauses rhetoric questions like “What motivates sane people to butcher others?” …/1 Why all of a sudden, does a new group that takes pleasure in massacring innocent souls arise in our midst?” adding, “The answer that Ssemujju gives to these questions have a reason to cause concern everyone interested in National Security.”

“To him there are oppressed Muslims who have been denied space to be and thus have reasons to blow up innocent people to make their point!”

In his article, Ssemujju observed: “The world has “conspired against genuine Muslims who must not be allowed to ascend to positions of leadership… you remember what happened to the Islamic Salvation Front of Algeria which won elections in 1992…the army was mobilized and it cancelled the results…the same thing happened in Egypt…the Western world will never allow any political party with the word Islam or Muslim to rule.”


The Ministry responded: “The major question is if this is not the best rationalization, extremism and terrorism, then what is it? It would appear that for Ssemujju all Muslim regimes that co-exist peacefully with the rest of the world community are not genuine Muslims.”

It further added: “To Ssemujju terrorism is the creation of the world community which is mismanaging “genuine Muslim matters! It is also erroneous to say that Kenya was invaded only after going into Somalia. This is factually wrong. Al-Qaeda attacked Kenya and Tanzania way back in 1998 obviously before Kenya contemplated of going to Somalia yet to Ssemujju this is the reason for attacking Kenya!!”

At least 67 lives of Kenyan were lost and property worth billions of shillings destroyed in the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi last weekend.

Ssemujju seems to believe that discrimination of religious groups especially Islam have created a fertile ground for the rise of extremism and terrorism.

In fact some researchers have argued that high levels of poverty and desperation especially in developing Middle East countries had given terrorists ground for recruitment of militants.

Al Shabaab claimed to have attacked Kenya for invading Somalia in the country’s war against regional terrorism.

Majority of the commentators and world leaders on the Kenya crisis concurred that the massacre of innocent civilians was unjustifiable and cowardly.


However, the Ministry reiterated that “Uganda is involved in Somalia not because ‘the visionary leader’ wants to appease or bribe anybody as claimed by the writer but for the well- known and articulated reasons.”

Government argued that Uganda’s Pan-African stand and appreciation is well- known and that the same Ugandan doctrine of Regional Peace led Initiatives, where the region leads and is supported by the International Community in solving African problems.

“Starting from Tanzania under Mwalimu Julius Nyerere supporting Ugandans to get rid of Idi Amin, the same approach was used in Burundi and it has paid dividends, resolving the Sudan problem under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and now under the AU mandate contributing forces to AMISOM to create peace and stability in Somalia which in turn leads to continental stability,” said the Ministry.

It further added that at the time when AU got involved in Somalia under AMISOM to which Uganda is one of the force contributing countries, it was a response to terrorism that had found a foothold in Somalia, destroyed it and was spreading to all parts of Africa.

Government said these acts were orchestrated by al-Qaeda at international level and the Al- Shabab at regional level.

“It defeats ones understanding to find a Leader of Mr. Ssemujju’s caliber who should be a well- informed African claiming that Uganda is in Somalia (part of Africa) because of serving American interests. AU took a decision to deploy Forces in Somalia under AMISON and it is therefore important for one to know that Uganda went into Somalia within the mandate of the African Union which incidentally coincides and is within the ambit of the UN.

The achievements of the Transitional Federal Government with the support of AMISOM are enormous and they include: restoration of hope, the Somalia state and its organs such as the Somalia Police, Somalia National Army, capacity building and reconstruction.”

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