Ugandans Advised On Energy Conservation

tadalafil geneva;”>The outcry was made by the state minster for energy Simon D’Ujanga, while opening the ninth edition of the Energy Conservation Implements Expo in Kampala.

D’Ujanga highlighted the need for the country to enhance energy supply and control its demand growth so as solution to the looming energy crisis.

“Our reserves such as woods are getting depleted every day, we are losing incredible amounts of forest cover, and at any time the country could be turned into a dessert,” the minister asserted.


D’Ujanga continued, “We need to substitute fossil fuels with renewable energy if we must curtail global warming that continues to manifest itself in long droughts and wild climate change.”

The state minister therefore called upon Ugandans to embrace use of renewable energy technologies so as to reduce on carbon dioxide emissions as well as the costs on importation of fossil fuels.

“We now have more efficient bulbs such as Light Emitting Diodes [LED] which use less than half of the energy consumed by Compact Florescent Lamps. “

D’Ujanga added, “Uganda now has got 500000 consumers of electricity, most of whom still use the CFL’s. If on average each consumer replaced 2 CFL’s with LED lamps, the country would save 30MW of power which is equivalent to 6% of our total energy consumption.”

Majority of the households he said, still use metallic stoves and cooking stones, yet if they used improved cooking stoves, the demand for wooden biomass would be halved thus helping on environmental conservation.

“Though people claim that these bulbs and modern stoves are expensive, their costs can be recovered in 3 months from savings made the ordinary implements,” explained D’Ujanga.

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