Museveni At UN: Uganda’s Economic Transformation “Irreversible”

help ailment geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“With the resources from oil and gas, viagra 100mg we shall be able to fund all our infrastructure needs, ” Museveni said in his presentation on the first day of the Assembly’s annual General Debate.

“The future is bright and our forward movement is irreversible,” he added.

Outlining Uganda’s struggle for socio-economic transformation, he said, “our biggest problem was funding; the small colonial modern economy was destroyed by Idi Amin.”

Before the large-scale exploitation of miners, he said, the country had to depend on international funding for development.

“Although useful, this external funding was limited, slow in coming, not always focused and erratic.”


Global partnership is still critical for his country, he said, and assistance could still prove useful.

First and foremost, he stressed, partnerships should begin by working for economic and political integration of Africa and for market access to the rest of the world.

Uganda has been working hard with Rwanda, Kenya and other countries to form the East African Community political integration.

Museveni argues that such a move would expand the market base of the countries’ products and enhance labour mobility thus driving economic growth and development in the region.

The President also maintains that a huge regional economic bloc would attract heavy foreign investments thus multiplying employment opportunities especially for the youth and skilled labour.

However, the region is still dogged by terrorism, civil wars, high levels of unemployment and hunger, corruption and poor infrastructure.

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