UPDF Warns Against Terror Threats

more about geneva;”>The call comes in the wake of an attack by alleged members of the Al Shabaab militants on the West gate shopping mall in Nairobi last Saturday where 69 people have so far been reported dead while others are nursing injuries.

While addressing journalists the Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala called upon the army, police and other security organs to extend awareness to all people in the country.

“Security awareness is what is imperative today, and this shouldn’t stop at the center. Other urban areas outside Kampala are equally vulnerable to these attacks. We don’t want to take any more chances,” warned Katumba.


The Chief of Defence Forces therefore refuted claims especially on social media, that the army and police were only bent to play active until the dust settles and then relax all security measures later on.

“We are always ready because we know that terrorism is here and will hit us from unexpected angles. We are not protecting Ugandans for the fun of it,” Katumba stressed.

The Chief of Defence Forces further warned Ugandans against creating attractive targets for the terrorists such as political rallies that are short of a good security detail.

“Terrorists don’t have target, they don’t care who dies. All they want is publicity in the media that scores lost lives,” explained Katumba.

He also warned that attention must not be put on shopping malls alone, because the next target is likely to be something else, such as churches or schools.

“Even the malls themselves show a lot of laxity by concentrating focus only on people coming in at the main entrance, forgetting the trucks that bring in food and merchandise through the back entrances. One could easily sneak in 10 Kgs of TNT and kill a lot of people,” warned Katumba Wamala.

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