Uganda Fury Over Minister's Rape Remarks

try geneva; font-size: small;”>Kibuule was quoted by a local daily as saying: “I have talked to the IGP and the police in Kampala to see that if a woman is raped they look at how she was dressed. Most women currently dress poorly especially the youth. If she is dressed poorly and is raped, no one should be arrested.”

The Minister further told youth in Kajara, Ntungamo District on Saturday, that Police should charge rape victims for inviting the crime.

Kibuule also noted that Police should scrutinise every rape victim’s dress code and if found to have been indecently dressed, the offender should be set free.


Incensed by what they described as “unacceptable” and “outrage” statements by the Minister, Ugandans on social media platforms urged Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to ensure Kibuule is sacked.

The Premier, who is in New York, is yet to comment on the scandal that has since rocked government.

However, Morrison Rwakakamba, a presidential advisor on Tuesday said if statements attributed to Minister Kibuule are true- he should apologize.

“Rape is a heinous and degrading crime. It is a means of war,” he noted.

Ugandans charged that Kibuule must apologize to the nation for the offensive remarks.

Simon Kasyate, a social critic and former journalist, says people like Minister Kibuule defeat the argument and quest for young people in leadership.

“Why must you President Museveni, pick the worst among youth for an affirmative action role, why?”

David Bikaako observed: “The issue here is that the NRM government has stuffed parliament with people who should otherwise be wallowing in obscurity deep in the villages. Minister/MP Ronald Kibuule is one such example.”

Alice Ruhindi charged: “If this is what he said, I demand for his resignation today.”

She, however, condemned “in very clear terms, the behaviour of some Ugandans that leaves nothing to my imagination. I am tired of nursing black eye and bruises inflicted on me by women water melons. They have rights I agree but my eyes have rights too.”

Ruhindi added: “We need a U-turn in moral decay. The constant display of human flesh is leaving some of us blind. Innocent citizens need protection from women vampires. It is getting silly. Just look in Red Pepper.”

Sharifah Nash commented on Facebook: “He wants himself to be covered and get away of raping……those are people who grew up in stinking local communities and finally when they come out, they are still the same!!!!So don’t blame him!!!”

Juliet Musoke Martin described Kibuule’s views as “archaic” and “cave man views.”

“He has probably done that sort of thing and is consumed with guilt hence trying to justify that behaviour (rape) as such. No woman deserves to be raped even if they are roaming around in the nude, short skirts, bikinis etc. Yes I know some do dress very provocatively but that doesn’t mean they deserve that grave sin. I could give him a slap for this,” she noted.

Annette Kezaabu said Uganda must exert pressure again for his resignation. “We have daughters growing up with such leaders?? What’s the difference between him and Kony?”

Michael Tusiime said there are moments when he regrets his nationality especially when associated with people who have such a mindset in this era of civilization “and I can assure you, it is so painful and extremely sad.”


Enock Kayond’o : Get us right, trending #Kibuule doesn’t in any way suggest that we support indecency. We condemn rape and scoundrels in our society #Uganda

inda: #Kibuule is morally incompetent to give any substantial opinion on Moral issues especially considering the fact that he is a Polygamist

Ampaire Christine: So if the rich are robbed, they should not call the police since it’s their fault for being so wealthy and taunting the thugs #Kibuule

Patience Atuhaire: I am a #Ugandan youth. #Kibuule might be the Minister for Youth. But i state here that he doesn’t represent me. Not with such an attitude.

Grace Natabaalo: President Museveni, we demand for the resignation of the rape advocate Minister #Kibuule. He should not be representing the youth or children

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