LRA ‘Surrender’ Welcomed By Activists

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order geneva;”>The United Nations on Monday confirmed a decision by the Ugandan rebel group operating in the east of Central African Republic, to lay down weapons.

According to officials from Invisible Children this would be a big step in bringing peace to the people in the areas affected by the Kony war.


“This would be an incredible step forward in dismantling the Lord’s Resistance Army, and a huge victory for the families affected by the 27 years of violence,” explained officials from the activists’ body.

Invisible Children therefore pledged to work with partners to facilitate the safe surrender and rehabilitation of the LRA combatants, women and children.

Classified among the terrorist groups by the U.S, the LRA operates in four countries including Uganda, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and South Sudan.

The group has also been accused of committing some of the most heinous crimes against peoples of the four countries.

Its leader Joseph Kony and some of his close confidants are being sought after by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide and crimes against humanity.

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