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Kiggundu Wins Garuga Race Truck

With two rounds left to end the year, Talhah Kiggundu is leading the championship with 128 points ahead of his young brother Fatuh Kiggundu.

“I think will not be news for me to win but I still have the challenge from Fatuh (Kiggundu) and Tamale (Ahmed), however I am ready to overcome that pressure and win this year’s championship,” said Talhah Kiggundu after winning at Garuga.


However Wazir was the overall winner of the day after collecting 72 points and followed by Ssentamu who collected 69 in the 65CC category.



Warred Omar 75

Ben Nsumba 66

Zeb Byaruhanga 57

Imran Nkulunziza 53

Habib Kiggundu 52

Isabella Blick 45

Ashraf Junior 41

Easter Mwangla 32

Kikago Rayvon 30


Wazir Omar 72

Fortune Ssentamu 69

Paddy Blick 59

Joshua Mwangala 57

Vince Schrier 55

Simon Peter 51


Alestair Blick 72

Ali Omar Yasser 69

Ham Kamstra 58

John Schrier 58

Isaiah Byaruhanga 57


Talhah Kiggundu 72

Fatuh Kiggundu 69

Tamale Ahamed 60

Ashraf Ndikulwange 53

Joshua Gordon 52

Jaid Kiggundu 50

Leonard Ssemakula 50

Moses Lutwama 34


Joshua Deo 75

Michael Ntayiro 64

Jessy Kamstra 59

Ashraf Mbabazi 54

Yassin Bukala 41

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