“Bishop Ilukor was A True Patriot, says Museveni

and website like this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>”I knew Bishop Ilukor because of patriotism. He wanted unity and peace in Uganda. Many people don’t know the importance of patriotism. They don’t know that if you love your family, salve Teso and Uganda, you must also love East Africa and Africa”, he told the gathering at St. Stephen Cathedral in Kumi Municipality after laying a wreath on the grave of the late Bishop Ilukor.

The President was on Saturday paying his condolences to the widow of the late Bishop Ilukor Ms. Toto Lois Mary Aluka and family members at their home in Kumi Municipality.

Bishop Geresom Ilukor died on September 1 aged 78 years after a snake bite.


The President told the gathering that he was in Kumi to salute the contribution of Bishop Ilukor to Uganda. He, therefore, encouraged the people of Teso to emulate the late Bishop’s good example.


“I came here to salute the contribution of Bishop Ilukor to Uganda. We shall all die but the good things we do must remain. The Bishop did good things and that is the reason I came here”, he said.

President Museveni likened the good works of Bishop Ilukor to those of Jesus Christ who died and resurrected over 2000 years ago but whose deeds are very much cherished and highly valued to-date.

“Pontius Pilate was a big man. You heard of Yuda Iscariot; but when the historical audit was done they were all dumped in the historical dustbin because of the bad things they did. The Bishop did good things; that is why I came here”, he told the gathering.

The President pointed out that Bishop Ilukor was aware of the benefits of being a nationalist and patriot because the prosperity of the people of Teso is related to the people of other regions.

He said some leaders spend most of their time talking about tribes and religion and try to use such sectarian tendencies for dividing the people.

“You produce sweet potatoes in Teso. Some you eat and some you sell to the people of Kampala. Your prosperity, therefore, depends on the people of Uganda and East Africa. Have you ever heard of a Protestant, Catholic or Muslim potato? A sweet potato is a sweet potato. When I buy sweet potatoes, I am happy to know that the people of Teso produce them and the late Bishop Ilukor knew this”, he said.

On the death of the Bishop, President Museveni advised wanainchi to immediately rush anybody bitten by a snake to hospital to be administered with anti- venom. According to Dr. John Opolot of Kumi Hospital, the anti-venom is available at the hospital.

The President, therefore, directed all radio stations in the region and the country to educate people on snake bites following the bad experience of the Bishop’s demise, instead of using their air-time for only abusing him.

“These radio stations that are always used to abuse Museveni, should be used for educating the masses about snake bites and other diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB. Now, they only amoromor (Ateso word for abusing) Museveni. Now because of this bad experience, you must educate people on what to do”, he directed.

On development, President Museveni reminded the people of Teso sub-region and Uganda in general, of government’s deliberate move to prioritize the construction of roads and generation as well as the distribution of electricity in the country during this financial year. He cited the Mbale-Kumi – Soroti road whose works are on-going and electricity supply from Soroti to Moroto and other towns like Amuria, Orungo and Kaberemaido.

The President, however, castigated some commentators who try to use diversionary methods to derail government’s development programs. He used the occasion to reiterate his call to teachers who are on strike to resume their duties.

“This infrastructure development is deliberate. Now that we have a bit of our own money, we can plan to first do this or that; but some people want to aitapaar (Ateso word for to divert) us from working on roads and electricity. Like my wonderful teachers who say ‘we want salary rise right now-now’. I say you are going to aitapaar ( divert) us.

The President said he was not against raising teachers’ salaries but the priority was first on roads and electricity.

“I want the people to know that once I make a promise, I fulfill that pledge. Now I have already aisumun (Ateso word for promised) that next financial year, we shall see. But teachers say today! That is aitapaar. Should I stop the work on Mbale-Kumi to Soroti road and raise teachers’ salaries? he asked the attentive crowd, to a resounding negative response of “no.”

Cabinet ministers, Kumi district and religious leaders from Teso attended the function.

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