Kenya: A Nation In Grief

order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Joseph Ole Lenku, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government on Sunday said the situations remained “very fragile” and that the Mall “remains a security zone.”

He further put the death toll at 59 up from the figure of 39 announced by President Uhuur Kenyatta on Saturday night.

He said the security agents and support services have done a good job, adding, “we believe there are some innocent people in the building that is why the operation is delicate.’

Lenku said government “cannot disclose who the attackers are at this juncture,” but quickly added: “We have established the location of the criminals. It’s a delicate balance and we want to evacuate the hostages safely.”

He further confirmed that the number of the injured had risen to 175. “We stand with the families and extend our deepest condolences. The government will render all necessary support.”


He further revealed that the country’s Security Council meeting had convened at 7am “to champion the war forward.”

Lenku warned the media against publishing sensational stories to avoid hurting the families of the Mall attack victims.

“The operation is still ongoing. We’re grateful for the support. We thank Kenyans for calm. You’re wonderful people.”

The Al Shabaab militants on Sunday claimed responsibility for the attack, saying non-Muslims were killed while Muslims were escorted out of the building.

Lenku promised “hourly briefings” on the situation and that security services were in control of the CCTV room at Westgate.

He further thanked Kenyans for coming out to donate blood.

Lenku told press at the crime scene that the criminals behind the attack will face “the full force of our law.”

He said security believes “the attackers range between 10 and 15 people.”

“This remains a national security operation. We have received a lot of goodwill communication but it’s still a national security issue.”

Heavily-armed security forces have since sealed off the mall and sporadic gunfire has been heard inside the structure. It appears the gunmen continue to exchange fire with security personnel.

An unknown number of hostages remains stuck in the upscale shopping mall.

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