Day 4; Parents Advise Government

However in an interview by Chimpreports, many people have expressed sympathy towards the teachers and called upon government to come to the rescue of their children and pay the teachers’ salary increment.

Badru Kagwa a taxi driver at the Constitutional Square called upon government to take the teachers’ problems serious and increase their salaries.


“Government spends a lot of money on foreign travels by its officials yet the teachers are poorly paid which is a sign of unseriousness by government,” explained the taxi driver.

“These expenditures should be reduced to help cater for civil servants like teachers,” advised Kagwa.

Sulaiman Gitta a Boda Boda rider noted that teachers get little remuneration compared to other civil servants and therefore urged government to increase on the teachers’ salaries.

Gitta further called upon government to engage the teachers in round table talks to be able to solve their grievances peacefully.

“Teachers should accept to sit on a round table with government because our common goal is education to the Ugandan children,”advised the Boda Boda rider.


Brenda Anguyo a senior six student called upon all the parties involved to amicably solve their differences noting that the strike affects the children especially the candidates.

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