Teachers’ Salary Increment Hits Dead End

While addressing journalists at the media centre, approved Education and Sports Minister Hon Jessica Alupo warned all teachers to go back to class or else face the wrath of the law.

“Since this government came to power, there is nothing it does outside the law and teachers are like any other Ugandan and part of civil society, and they will therefore be handled according to the law,” explained Alupo.

The minister added, “If an appropriate time comes and they are not at their work stations, I am sure there is a law that we will use to remind them of their responsibility”


Cabinet and Parliament on Wednesday reaffirmed the position of the President’s inter-ministerial Committee, NRM Caucus and Parliamentary budget committee consultations that no funds had been identified for further enhancement of the teachers’ salaries.

According to Information Minister Hon Rose Namayanja, the budget is already thirty percent spent on Vote-on Account.

Namayanja added that expenditure of the other seventy percent has already been approved by parliament and therefore stressed that these two developments cannot allow reallocation to cater for further salary enhancements.

“Budget re-allocations at this point cannot be effected as it would distort critical priority areas of spending and contractual commitments already made with service providers,” Namayanja explained.

Minister Alupo on the other hand reassured that this term’s academic program will not be distorted by the teachers strike, and therefore warned learners to be prepared for their forthcoming exams.

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