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27 Cars Impounded In URA Operation

about it geneva; font-size: small;”>The operation executed last weekend (September 13 – 15) saw a total of 27 cars seized out of the 540 cars that were inspected.

viagra 40mg geneva; font-size: small;”>The crackdown comes against the backdrop of increased cases of car theft in European countries. The stolen cars are later sent to Uganda.

Under the Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles and Export System (TEVIES), foreign vehicles on permission by URA are given a maximum of 90 days stay in the country but the ones in question have continued to stay while others are smuggled into the country.

According to the Manager Enforcement Operations, Uganda Revenue Authority, Julius Nkwasire Mponooka, cars with local registration plates were also seized on realising that a number of them were not registered with URA while others had changed their colour status without authorisation by URA something that alters their registration details.

Owners of these vehicles now parked at the URA Headquarters in Nakawa are expected to claim them with supporting documents in not more than 30 days.


Section 214 of the East African Community Customs Management Act (ECCMA) 2005 grants authority to URA to forfeit and later put to auction vehicles that are not claimed under this period.

The enforcement operation targeted high performance, foreign registered and any other motor vehicles in and around Kampala that were suspected to be on the road illegally.

The enforcement team patrolled five (5) car bonds, seven (7) road junctions, several parking lots and entertainment centres around Kampala.

Out of the intercepted motor vehicles, 15 had foreign registered number plates (but in Uganda illegally), while 12 had locally registered number plates (but had no supporting registration documents), which will all be handled on a case by case basis.

Mponooka said Operation “CATCH UP” was initiated out of the growing concern of URA that a number of cars owned foreign number plates which aroused a fear that they could have entered the country illegally.

“In the wake of the third week of this month (September), URA flagged off her enforcement team to comb the city centre and wipe out the culprits of this trade that could cause a loss to the tax institution and to ensure compliance in the area of motor vehicle registration.” We are continuing with the operation country wide to wipe out these vehicles that cannot be traced in our registration systems.”

Under the TEVIES, (Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles and Export System), foreign registered cars have up to 90 days running with foreign plates beyond which they have to formalise with URA.

Owners of the impounded vehicles have only 30 days to bring supporting documents to URA or risk auctioning of their vehicles as per Section 214, EACCMA 2005.

“Operation Catch- Up” continues around Kampala and is progressing country wide.

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