UPC: Teachers' Strike Lawful

visit web http://conversionxl.com/wp-admin/includes/schema.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While addressing journalists at the party headquarters at Uganda House, patient the party spokesperson, Lucima Okello revealed that the teachers in Uganda are the most poorly paid civil servants in the world.

“This is brought about by poor government priorities on the education of its citizens and this will continue to cripple down development in the country,” Lucima noted.

Lucima advised government to stop pretending that it is prioritizing infrastructural developments yet nothing is surely seen on the ground.


“These are just turning up to be demagogic choruses by government, where will they get the personnel to make sure that the development they claim is achieved,” he wondered.

“We can’t think of growth without thinking of developing our human resource; we cannot have good human resource without having good schools giving basic education and this necessitates good payments to teachers,” Lucima explained.

Government has since explained that it does not have enough resources to raise the teachers’ salary scale and that they should wait for the completion of infrastructural projects being carried out across the country.

Lucima said that teachers are the key link in the process of growth and development adding that it’s a poor suggestion to prioritize infrastructure over teachers.

The UPC spokesperson has therefore called upon teachers to stay their course and should not fear being sacked by the president because he is duty bound by law to fulfill the Memorandum of Understanding of which he appended his signature.

“The best Museveni can do is to continue intimidating teachers but he can’t sack all of them,” he assured teachers.

Lucima further called upon the general public to stand in solidarity and act together because the pride of teachers is the pride of the future of our country since the majority of our children go to public schools.

“We must rise up together to ensure that the teachers demands are settled and also agitate for increased investment in public education; it is the responsibility of government to educate its citizens so we must invest in education,” he added.

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