PHOTOS: Behind The Scenes At Ouma Concert

see http://darkriver.net/wp-includes/default-filters.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 15pt;”>Time check is exactly 9pm and Ouma, store who the fans had been waiting from as early as 6pm, takes to the stage armed with a guitar – which he uses to play almost every sound.

Fans listening to Ouma’s music at the concert

At the show that he dubbed Myko Ouma Season 2, he with the help of his band played some of his latest songs on his second album; Myko Ouma Again, due to come out next month.

The show heated up with guest performers like Samuel Bakka, a percussionist who exhibited great skills by playing four drums at once.

Guests at the function

However, it was his dance moves that he accompanied to the beats got the crowd screaming on the top of their voices. He would drum, buy off a few minutes to dance then resume the drum-beat.


He also put up a ‘competition’ where he and Ouma challenged each other using what each plays best.

Ouma sings for his audience

This was by playing a sound and giving the other time to reply, something that made Bakka to play various drums interchangeably so as to emerge as the ‘victor‘.

The crowd was vividly excited and would scream out Ouma’s name at the end of every song.

“Now I want to fire the band. The band should go away and leave me for some time,” said Ouma as his band members left.

Ouma (L) at it

He proved to his fans his ability to play various instruments.

Through the playing of instruments that included a saxophone, guitar, drum, hand piano and 3310 Nokia phone interchangeably and recording the sounds, he was able to produce the beats of the latest hit from Nigeria’s duo, P-Square’s Personally.

A saxophonist entertaining revellers

The other surprise artists were Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru who together sang Afrigo Band’s Sirina Anambika.

Saxophonist, Isaiah Katumwa and Maurice Kirya also took to the stage to spice up the show with their usual energetic performances.

Fans follow the thrilling performances

Fans left the venue with faces beaming with joy and satisfaction.

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