Kyambadde Wants Gov’t To Adopt ISO Training

In an interview with Chimpreports, Kyambadde noted that while government has a major role to play in getting as many private and public organizations on board, itself as a major employer must have training on what social responsibility is all.

“The project is a new phenomenon not only for private organizations but government as well,’’ stressed Kyambadde who added that the ministry of Trade and Industry is part of the project.


“We say that there is not enough resources to meet all the demands of these civil servants, but I believe there is enough awareness about what our responsibilities as government are in regard to the type of working environment all workers are entitled to,’’ explained Kyambadde in reference to the planned strike by teachers.

The minister for trade further noted the workers should feel motivated so as to be more productive.

Kyambadde therefore revealed that her ministry is her ministry is to “use force against companies which continue to exploit and harass their employees.”

However Dr.Ben Manyindo UNBS Executive Director revealed that the 26000 Standard Program will be in full force in the next 2-3 years, and urged all organizations to fully embrace it.

“Before you supply any product in the international arena, they will want to know if you have been implementing these aspects spelt out in the Standard,” noted Manyindo.

The ISO 26000 country project manager, Francois Sibille noted that most of the companies in the country have for long perceived the program in a wrong way

“They understand, budget and implement Corporate Social Responsibility through holding Marathons, fundraising for natural disasters, and giving handouts to orphanages, leaving out other important aspects,’’ noted Francois.

The project manager therefore noted that it includes human rights, good labor practices, welfare, environment, consumer issues, and fair operating practices.

The new program is being piloted in the country by the UNBS and among the key practices in the program is promotion of workers’ welfare and safeguarding their human rights.

The program also provides guidance to companies and organizations on implementation of their basic social responsibilities.

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