Bwanika Advises Government On Grants

While addressing journalists in Kampala, Bwanika called upon government to reduce on borrowing from China noting that contracts for projects funded by the Chinese government are always awarded to Chinese companies.

”They neglect Ugandans leaving them without benefiting from the grants,’’ added Bwanika noting that profits are repatriated by these companies.


The opposition political party president further advised government to fight the increasing number of counterfeit goods in the country.

Meanwhile opposition political party People’s Development Party president Abed Bwanika has commended the president for giving out tractors to farmers.

President Museveni recently at a function held at Kololo airstrip gave out twenty interest free tractors worth 2.24 billion shillings to twenty groups of farmers across the country to assist them in agriculture.

While addressing journalists in Kampala, Bwanika noted that the tractors would benefit farmers in the country.

”Government should put in place such programs at all levels which will help the poor people,’’ advised Bwanika and requested for transparency in these programs.

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