EXCLUSIVE: Muntu Raises Funds For 2016 Presidency

ailment geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Muntu travelled to United States a fortnight ago to attend the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention.

He not only gave a speech but further toured different parts of the country where he has met Ugandans and urged them to contribute money to facilitate his campaigns for the 2016 presidency.

Muntu’s fundraising drive will likely raise political temperatures in the country as the opposition braces to challenge President Yoweri Museveni’s hold on power.

While there are no signs that Museveni will quit for another candidate come 2016, Muntu will still have to first be endorsed by his party as its flag-bearer in the national presidential race.

Many political observers believe President Museveni has already started campaigns by visiting army veterans and carrying out poverty eradication tours across the country.


The President has as well been meeting leaders from different parts of the country at State House Entebbe to oil his links with grassroots campaigners who have for decades been the ruling party’s bedrock.

Realizing that his grassroots support was dwindling partly because of neglecting family members of fallen NRA combatants, Museveni has put in place a desk headed by Proscovia Nalweyiso to rehabilitate their children and relatives.

A programme where the youth will receive soft loans for self-help projects is also in the pipeline.

However, Museveni is equally facing a tough challenge considering the defection of a high ranking military General and NRA historical, Gen David Sejusa.

Sejusa’s defection and his heavy criticism of government policies have since been exploited by the opposition to portray the army, which forms Museveni’s centre of power, as divided and discriminative.

The opposition has as well ridden on the back of Sejusa’s consistent attacks on government to paint the picture of an unstable country teetering on the verge of political instability.

This does not only scare away foreign investments at a time when jobs and foreign exchange are needed most but builds the perception among the citizenry that Museveni’s government is no longer infallible as widely believed.

The NRM is as well facing an internal rebellion led by former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya, who has also vowed to contest for presidency and the party ‘rebel’ MPs who have managed to support the opposition in convincing Ugandans that the ruling political institution is longer cohesive.

The internal wrangles in NRM point to the fact that NRM is also suffering from an administration crisis.

Gen Muntu tour

As the 2016 political terrain takes shape, Muntu is also not in good shape.

He is currently facing stiff resistance from some party members who suspect the 2012 FDC presidential election was rigged in his favour and want him out of power.

However, efforts to call for a fresh election have been defeated by Muntu’s allies who include Mugisha Muntu.

With only three years towards the 2016 elections Muntu is making country tours to build grassroot structures which would help FDC protect their votes and also campaign for part leaders.

Sources say during his recent western Uganda tour that took him to Kazo, Kiruhuura, Ntungamo, Mbarara, Ibanda and Isingiro, Muntu labored to convince the people that NRM has failed the nation and that it was not time for “inevitable change.”

“Muntu is working hard to change perceptions of the Ugandan voters by assuring them of better service delivery and a change in their economic status if opposition takes charge of the country,” said one of Muntu’s strategists.

On Monday, Muntu released a brief statement, saying: “The hunger for change in Uganda is so clear. We were so happy and honored for the great ideas and honest comments from our people living in Boston.”

He added: “We called upon all Ugandans in Boston to get involved in the struggle for a better Uganda starting with their home villages in Uganda. Together we will get there.”

Muntu will also attend another event here in Toronto on September 14.

After attending Sunday morning worship at the New Life International Christian Center in Medford, Massachusetts on September 8, Gen. Muntu held a meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, with Ugandans living in USA in Massachusetts.

He ends his North American tour with a town hallon On Saturday September 14 he will be having a meeting in the Memorial Hall at the North York Civic Centre, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto.

The Toronto event, which is being organized by Ugandan-Canadians for Democratic Change (UCDC), is expected to offer the audience an opportunity to spell out conditions for their involvement and support for the renewed effort for change in Uganda.

Boston, Massachusetts, is home to one of the largest and most politically diverse Ugandan communities in America

He is accompanied on tour by his strategist Dr. Muniini Mulera.

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