Kanungu Councilors Move To Impeach Mbabazi, Baryomunsi

online geneva; font-size: small;”>The councilors claim the MPs have failed to lobby the Parliament and government to consider the reconstruction of Mitano Bridge which collapsed last year and poor road infrastructure which has crippled trade and commerce in the district.

This was revealed by the district councilors; James Kaberuka from Kihihi Sub County, Frank Byaruhanga from Mpungu Sub County and Flugence Muhumuza from Rugyeyo subcounty while appearing on a local radio on Saturday.

The accused area MPs include the Kinkizi West MP Hon Amama Mbabazi, Kinkizi East MP Dr. Chris Baryomunsi and the Woman MP Hon Elizabeth Karungi Beikirize.

The councilors also accuse these MPs for having interfered and stopped the construction of a temporally bridge by the area residents and well wishers.

“We had also planned to have a fundraising drive in Kampala on August 16 but all our efforts were crushed by some big shots in government. Whenever we try to go and clean the area, we are threatened with teargas and guns,” said Mr James Kabiruka, the Kihihi Sub County councilor.


Mitano Bridge which was constructed in 1962 collapsed last year after a DRC-bound trailer carrying cement broke its foundation.

Mitano connects Kanungu district to the rest of the country and the Ntungwa Bridge also located in the same district is also in a sorry state.

Recently, the Inspectorate of Government suspended the Shs 15bn tender for the civil works on the two bridges by the contractor pending investigations on allegations of flaws and misinterpretation of the bid documents.

This followed a whistle blower who queried the tendering process, noting that the proposed contractor Prime contractors Ltd had submitted incomplete documents and misinterpreted the information in the bid document.

Speaking on the radio station on Friday, the Mpungu Sub County councilor Frank Byaruhanga blamed the district roads committee which comprises of the district chairperson, RDC among others of neglect saying they never met and considered to look for a possible way of how the transportation problem can be solved.

“The Kanungu road from Rukungiri district was declared an emergency by government and the president promised to work on it but it has been three years since he promised that,” Byaruhanga said.

“We want to know why our MPs cannot intervene on our emergency like other MPs from Kasese who intervened and their bridges which had been swept away by floods were repaired immediately,” added Byaruhanga.

The councilors have also vowed not to attend the National Independence celebrations which are to be held in the neighboring Rukungiri saying they have nowhere to pass since the bridge that connects the two districts collapsed.

Meanwhile, transport in Kanungu district remains a challenge for trade and other economic activities as most of the roads are impassable by vehicles and the transport fares are hiking every day.

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