Rwanda Police Tightens grip on traffic violators

sildenafil geneva; font-size: small;”>The spokesperson of the traffic and road safety department, Superintendent Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi says, “vast majority” of road accidents are due to violation of traffic rules such as over speeding, negligence and driving while on phone.

On Tuesday, four accidents were registered across the country, in which one person died and left five others injured.

“We have been sensitizing road users on traffic rules, but some of them still breach these instructions, killing people and destroying infrastructure,” he said

“We cannot afford to continue losing our people at the hands of bad listeners; we have a duty to protect people living in Rwanda, including ensuring their safety on roads, and we will do everything possible to ensure that,” warned SP Ndushabandi.

At least two accidents are recorded every day countrywide.


Rwanda National Police (RNP) conducts annual awareness including a road safety week, to improve road security.

In partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the force has also identified hotspots and installed signposts as a way of enforcing road safety.

He said some drivers, especially of public vehicles, even overtake in corners, a risky move that puts lives of passengers in danger.

“It’s also in the interest of drivers to abide by the road precautions. They will be sparing their lives and that of their passengers and their automobiles. When driving, safety should be put forward,” he explained.

SP Ndushabandi urged owners of vehicles to take them for mechanical inspection. Mechanical inspection is also another cause of accidents.

The presidential decree No. 85/01 of September 2, 2002, regulating general traffic police and road traffic; stipulates, in part, that “vehicles not satisfying the set technical criteria will not be issued a certificate. Owners of vehicles using public roads without the certificate will be liable to a fine of Rwf 25, 000.”

The Rwanda National Police also acquired a mobile mechanical inspection machine to facilitate owners of vehicles operating in the country side and is in the process of establishing other mechanical centres in regions.

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