DP Set To Exhume Benedicto Kiwanuka's Remains

link geneva;”>The Chief Magistrate of Buganda Road Court, malady Olive Kazaarwe on Tuesday ruled out that Dr. Sylvester Onzivua and Dr. Chris Baryomunsi have no case to answer in connection to charges thus dismissing the case.

In turn, DP is jubilating since it had delayed the process of exhuming the remains of their party founder because Dr Onzivua who supposed to work on it was being tried in court.

The Party President, Norbert Mao said as a lead pathologist, Dr. Onzivua had contacted a team of doctors in Austria to come and help in the exhumation process.

“The team of doctors is unable to come and carry out operations in Uganda when the lead doctor is still under several charges,” Mao said.

However, he told Chimpreports on Wednesday that the process will continue immediately after Dr. Onzivua is set free from all cases and charges against him.


The pathologist is reported to have participated in the examined the remains of African National Congress leaders after 20 years together with a team of other experts in South Africa.

Therefore, with the Chief Magistrate ruling that the duo are free of all charges, it gives DP a go ahead to execute their plans of exhuming the remains of their founding father soon or later.

The party revealed the plans to exhume the remains of their party founder before erecting a monument in honour of his contribution to national development late last year.

Speaking to press last year at the party headquarters in Kampala, party publicist by then, Jude Mbabali said fresh investigations carried out by DP indicated that the fallen hero was buried by dictator Idi Amin’s soldiers in one grave with then Bank of Uganda Governor Joseph Mubiru in Luzira.

“The bodies are in the same grave at Luzira near Murchison Bay prison. That’s where they were buried after being slain on Amin’s orders,” said Mbabali.

He added the exhumation of Kiwanuka’s remains and erection of the monument would mark the party’s celebration of 50th Independence anniversary.

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