UPC Condemns Police’s Excessive Force On Robbers

look geneva; font-size: small;”>Addressing the press in Kampala on Wednesday, the party spokesperson, Okello Lucima warned police of this act saying it can tantamount to extra judicial killings if the suspects are not proven guilty.

According to police, there is increased robbery and theft in the city centre and it is fed up always dragging criminals to courts of law and after being released they go back to their old ways.

“The police have no power and authority to kill people no matter what they do,” said Lucima.

“Uganda is still operating under the colonial law which mandates that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law.”

Lucima noted that the police can use reasonable force that can aid in apprehending or marginalizing a suspect who may be trying to flee from apprehension but this doesn’t justify use of excessive force unless un office is in fierce danger.


“It is the work of the court to prove whether one is innocent or guilty and in any case if court fails to find enough evidence, the accused has to be acquitted,” said Lucima.

He further explained that, “Where people have been convicted and paid their term, they must be released and police should not base on this to justify their planned extra-judicial killing.”

The opposition leader alleged that the police are not a law unto themselves and so must act within the boundaries of the constitution. “There are no sufficient grounds for the police to become prosecutors, judges, the jury but due process must be given to every Ugandan citizen,” Lucima warned.

He further suggested that if the police is genuine in its operations, it should begin with shooting the thieves in the OPM, State House, Bank of Uganda, Ministry of Finance and in Ministry of Public service who are involved in big robbery scandals.

“We are ready to work with several human rights organizations to bring to book all perpetrators of extra judicial killings who will one time have to face the long arm of the law,” he said.

Lucima therefore called upon the police to concentrate on building strong crime intelligence and investigation capacity to understand, apprehend and detect any crime around the city and its neighborhood.

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