Kasibante Takes On State In Dramatic Case

approved http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-actions.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>One of Kasibante’s witnesses, view Jordan Mugerwa –an employee with UMEME Nankulabye branch and a campaign manager of the accused during the 2011 campaigns, this narrated his ordeal regarding events that transpired on fateful day which the state alleges police’s car was vandalized by Kasibante’s supporters.

“That day I received a lot of calls from our supporters that they had received information that a different person was going to be sworn in instead of our MP,” he said.

Mugerwa said that due to the pressure from the supporters, he contacted his boss (Kasibante) about the matter to which he was told that ways of addressing the matter were already in preparation.

“He told me he was to address the press and his campaigning agents at Kayira’s home on Balintuma Road.”

He said he went there and found around seven people.


However, upon arrival, Kasibante was blocked from accessing the place before leaving the chaotic venue by a boda boda, heading towards Nankulabye.

Mugwera followed suit.

On reaching Nankulabye roundabout, Mugerwa said in a testimony at Buganda Road Court that he saw Kasibante being rounded up by policemen and bundled onto a waiting police pickup truck.

Mugerwa pursued the police vehicle up to Old Kampala Police station where the politician was detained.

He denied having seen Kasibante vandalizing the Police’s car.

However, he admitted there was exchange of wordS between the accused and the police as they tried to arrest him.

Kasibante denies inciting violence after the 2011 Presidential elections

The second witness Godfrey Nanteja who on Wednesday told BUganda Road Court court that he is a boda boda rider at Nankulabye stage said as soon as Kasibante approached the roundabout, “his hand was held firmly by the Officer In Charge of Nakulabye police post”.

He said the officer ordered the police to bundle Kasibante onto their waiting pick-up and fired teargas to the crowd that had gathered as they left.

He also denied having seen the supporters vandalizing the police’s car because “as they fired teargas, nobody remained, they all ran away to where they had come from”.

Court adjourned to 1 October for the summoning of Kasibante’s last witness, thus brightening up the end of the dramatic case that has spanned two years.

State alleges that Kasibante, John Lukaaga together with others still at large, without lawful excuse, incited other persons to an act of violence for political reasons and in the end a police’s car was damaged.

According to the prosecution, he committed these offenses 16 May, 2011.

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