Gov’t Warned On Faulty Condoms

cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small;”>The Human Rights Defenders Association (HRDA) alleges that Ministry of Health distributed faulty condoms to various hospitals in the country.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Joseph Seremba an activist with HRDA said: “We have gathered enough evidence that the condoms which were distributed by the Ministry of health to various health centers were faulty and this has increased the rate at which HIV/AIDs is spreading in Uganda.”

Seremba alleges that most of these condoms which are given free of charge, about eight brands, originate from Malaysia, China and India.

“These condoms lack the standards set by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) of National latex rubber condoms method of 2009,” he added.

He said they have no instructions on how to be used which is mandatory in the draft. “There don’t show written information on whether the condoms are lubricated or not yet all condoms are supposed to be marked to show whether they are dry or lubricated,” Seremba alleged.


Speaking to the press, Gideon Tugume the executive director Human Rights Defenders Association said all condoms must bear a statement showing that they are for single use but these apparently don’t indicate that.

“Most of these condoms have no address for the manufacturers which puts the life of the users in danger. They also have no instructions for disposal as stated in the UNBS draft,” he said.

Seremba further noted that all condoms from India, have Indian standards which indicate that all condoms have to last for thirty six months starting on the manufactured date, “But some were found with the manufacturer date of 2011 showing they would expire in 2016 which is above the set period.”

He therefore requested all the concerned authorities to act accordingly by recalling all the faulty condoms from the market.

“The government should stop the distribution and importation of such condoms in the country and demand for reliable compliancy of all condoms in the country.”

Mr Tugume further noted that these condoms have contributed to the increase of unwanted pregnancies among the young girls and increase of sexual related problems.

However, Ms Vasatha Kibirige, the commissioner in charge of condom distribution in Ministry of Health has denied these allegations.

“The ministry was informed about this and a team was set up consisting of people from UNBS, Civil society, ministry of Health pharmacy division to examine the condoms samples so the results will be produced any time from now,” she said.

She has further assured the public to keep cool as investigations are going on.

She also emphasized that with her seventeen years experience in this field, the common reason why people complain about the condom sizes, is because they don’t wear them properly.

“All condoms entering the country are tested and must have a standard measurement of 17 centimeters length and width of 52 cm, anything under size is rejected,” she confirmed.

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