Surviving In Flood-battered City Suburb

information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>This Tuesday, the better of the town was battered by severe floods with many opting to keep indoors.

A survey done by Chimp Corps in this part of the city led them to one of the worst affected areas in Nateete known as Nanfuka zone where they managed to interact with the residents.

According to one Tonny Kasagga, a boda boda rider in the area, the flooding is mostly caused by the people who block the swamps while trying to construct houses.

“They pour soil in the swamps as they try to reclaim land to construct houses and in the end the drainage channels are not well constructed which makes water flood whenever it rains,” said Kasagga.

He complained that some of the residents in this part of the area dump rubbish in the water channels thus blocking the flow of water through the drainage system, leading to floods.


As our Corps continued their survey, some sections of the main roads were impassable and the only form of transport was boda bodas and bicycles where the residents had to part with Shs 500 in order to be ferried across the road full of dirty water.

“Whenever it rains, business here comes to a standstill since we have nowhere to pass,’’ added a fruit vendor.

According to Kasagga, most of the businesses affected by heavy rains in this area are restaurants, salons, clinics, guest houses and kiosks among others since the entrances are always filled with water “and the customers have nowhere to sit.”

Several residents were seen trying to empty their houses which had been filled up with water.

Mr Paul Kasozi, the chairman Nanfuka zone, many people abandon their homes to look for safe havens elsewhere due to the uncontrollable floods.

“They go and visit their relatives and friends where it’s safe, leaving their houses and businesses abandoned,’’ said the LC1 chairman.

He, however, noted that during the dry season, “this area is full of people who take advantage of the low cost houses in the area.”

“A house can go as low as Shs 5,000 per month but all these houses are abandoned during the rainy season.”

Our Chimp Corps reveal that there was also a well built and fenced house which was abandoned by its owners due to the floods in the area.

In similar news, Mr Kasozi complained of the high crime rate in the area due to the high employment levels.

“Many youths don’t work but spend most of their time gambling,” he said, adding that these people usually take advantage of the many abandoned houses as their hide out places since some are free of charge.

He therefore called upon the government to assist them construct the drainage channels in the area.

“The government and NEMA should put in place strict laws against those who pour soil in the swamps and those who dump rubbish in the drainage channels,’’ urged the Chairman.

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