FDC: State Of Uganda’s Affairs ‘Worrying’

online geneva; font-size: small;”>This request was made by the party spokes person Wafula Oguttu as he addressed the press on Monday at the party headquarters in Kampala.

“We don’t see any form of cohesiveness, or anyone in charge of the country and there is no team spirit. Instead we only see cliques and infighting within government departments,’’ alleged Oguttu.

He condemned the increased greed and individualism among politicians and civil servants in the country yet the government is enforcing less effort to stop them.

“Hospitals have become death traps with no medicine, doctors and beds on top of having huge electricity bills,” alleged Oguttu, adding on that the allocation of facilities in the hospitals is the same as 20 years ago yet there are more patients.

This Bukhooli Central MP argued that the government put in place fraudulent programs like NAADS which are reportedly being used by the cadres of the NRM to enrich themselves on the expense of the masses.


Oguttu further questioned the government’s delay of paying the civil servants salaries.

“The government is incapable of paying the policemen their salaries but it can afford to give them 5kg of posho and 3kg of beans!” wondered the FDC spokesperson.

He therefore called upon the president to reshuffle his ministers and bring in fresh blood who can work for the people and not only focusing on their own self reservation.

“The president needs to explain the country’s trend of affairs which are currently eading before it plunges into problems,” said Oguttu.

This follows media reports of a bitter row between the Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi and the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, all mebers of the ruling NRM party.

There are also reports that several budgets from different ministries have not been passed by parliament due to the absconment of the ministers whenever they are called upon to explain their expenses.

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