Youth Warned Against “Immoral” Western Lifestyle

nurse geneva; font-size: small;”>Information Minister, physician Walusimbi Sengendo told journalists on Monday evening that it was unacceptable for the youth to engage in drug abuse, order disrespecting elders, use of vulgar language and dressing.

Sengendo blamed this moral decay on the breakdown of families in the country.

He cited the Buganda culture where the family is the foundation of a child’s grooming ground.

“In the past, families carried out thorough research before a man could propose to marry a girl. They had to first examine his family background to find out his social and economical status.”

Walusimbi added: “Family is an important aspect which has an impact on someone’s life. For example God brought Jesus to this earth and even decided to bring him through a well composed family so people should value it.”


“Good morals have to be instilled in a child during an early age,” he explained.

Walusimbi also blamed people for only copying the bad morals from the Western culture “especially from the movies leaving out the good habits.”

He finally advised the youth not to minimize the elders by looking at them as old fashioned people but to always respect them and refer to them in all matters.

“What the youth don’t understand is that these elders are more experienced than them,” Walusimbi said.

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