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ADF Suspect Arrested In Kanungu geneva; font-size: small;”>The Head of Crime Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID) at Kihihi Police Station, clinic James Mutaire, tadalafil identified the suspect as Mohammad Mwangangi, a resident of Nyamigoyi parish in Kanyantorogo Sub County in Kanungu.

He said the suspect was arrested near Kihembe parish a route to the DRC border with the boy whom he had picked from his grandmother’s home.

The grandmother of the child, Irene Tindikyeitira, 60, told Chimpreports that as usual she woke up early for gardening thus leaving the boy at home.

“On my way back, a resident told me she had seen my grandson with a man whom she did not recognize,” said Tindikyeitira.

“I made an alarm and other people in the neighborhood together with the area authorities started the hunt which led to the arrest of the man and my grandson at the border,” she added.


Leonia Munyarugyeyo, a local authority official, said Mwangangi “claims he was going home and yet his home is about 2 kilometers from where he was coming from.”

Mutaire suspects the man was taking the little boy to DRC for subversive activities.

He added that the suspect could be linked to the Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) which is based in DRC.

This group is reported to be recruiting young children below the age of five from Uganda to join their rebel ranks, according to the Army spokesperson Lt. Paddy Ankunda.

The incident follows the abduction of dozens of kids from their families in eastern Uganda to join the ADF rebel activities.

Mutaire said that the police are still interrogating the suspect as investigations into the matter continue.

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