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12 UPDF Soldiers Killed in Al Shabaab Attack

It was a moment of joy on Thursday morning as the Forum for Democratic Change Electoral Commission declared founding leader Dr Kizza Besigye the party’s Presidential flag-bearer during the party delegates’ conference at Mandela National Stadium.

Despite a few hitches, see http://certoclear.com/wp-admin/includes/continents-cities.php voting went on well and by 9:42pm over 1, price 000 delegates from different parts of the country had finished casting their votes.

15 minutes into the tallying exercise, viagra approved it was clear that Besigye would emerge victorious.

At exactly 12:16 am, the Electoral Commission chairperson Dan Mugarura, declared Besigye the winner and rightful FDC flag bearer.

“Dr. Kizza Besigye has polled 718 votes against Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s 289 votes and there has been only one invalid vote. I therefore declare Besigye the Forum for Democratic Change flag bearer for 2016,”Mugarura announced amidst jubilations by the FDC strongman’s supporters.

For Dr. Kizza Besigye, the win marks another big hurdle ahead of the opposition as they prepare to confront President Museveni in the 2016 general elections in a bid to take power.

“This marks the beginning of real work. There is now hard work ahead of us but I have hope in the energy that I have realized in our people and leaders during the campaigns. Together we can achieve what is ahead of us,” the opposition strongman said on Thursday morning.

Besigye's supporters celebrating his win
Besigye’s supporters celebrating his win

Besigye however said there was no time to wait for organization before confronting the enemy but rather start from nowhere to somewhere if they are to achieve their goals.


The FDC stalwart noted that they ought to start tackling the problem where it lies than waiting to be organized as had been suggested by the party president Gen. Muntu, adding that this might never be achieved.

“I am going to work and see that whatever we have achieved both in the party and outside is used to tackle the problem ahead of us,” said Besigye.

“I will use the flag you have given me to the best of my abilities. I may make mistakes but in good faith doing what I think is the best for us all.”

Muntu is consoled by his wife after losing the election
Muntu is consoled by his wife after losing the election

Muntu Concedes Defeat

In his acceptance speech shortly after the announcements, Muntu who looked strong said he believes in the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham whom he said is a God of power and will keep him focused despite losing the election.

The former army commander noted that the win was not for Besigye as an individual but that the party at large would benefit from his election as their flag-bearer in the forthcoming elections.

Muntu noted that it’s high time they began processes he said would be crucial in seeing the party take over the highest office in the country in 2016.

FDC Deputy EC boss Michael Kabaziguruka counting votes after the election
FDC Deputy EC boss Michael Kabaziguruka counting votes after the election

“This is not a loss because I am a long distance runner who knows that every dark cloud there is a silver lining. I went to the bush while I was 23 years but at 29 I was made the army commander. I remained stable and focused. We have achieved a lot during this election but it’s time we now starting organizing for 2016 elections.”

Muntu warned that the period before elections will be crucial for the party and its leadership as far as taking power in the forthcoming elections is concerned.

“If he (Besigye) wasn’t the right man, the remaining time will judge. I hope we are not going to have two parallel forces within the party and if this happens, we will not be able to take power. I am not a prophet but intelligent enough to tell what might happen,” Muntu warned.

Besigye was given a flower after emerging victorious in the election
Besigye was given a flower after emerging victorious in the election

2016 fears

However, Soroti District woman MP Angeline Osege who also doubled as the leader of Muntu’s campaign team said she accepted defeat to Besigye but noted that she is not sure of the times ahead of the party.

“The delegates have voted but what I don’t understand is where we are headed with one month to nomination. We can’t change what has happened because the delegates have voted but I will wait to see what will turn out. I hope his leadership will have an impact,” Osege told this website in an interview.

Besigye will now represent Uganda’s strongest opposition party at the Democratic Alliance where the platform is expected to front a single candidate to challenge President Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections.
At least twelve UPDF soldiers died in the Al Shabaab attack on Tuesday at the AMISOM base at Janaale, cialis 40mg http://cherrylanefarms.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php Lower Shabelle Region in Somalia, buy http://crosscourtathletics.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-pure.php the Uganda army has announced.

“The bodies of ten fallen soldiers are landing this morning while two more will be brought later, pills http://cheesejaguar.com/wp-includes/class-wp-post.php ” army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told ChimpReports by telephone on Thursday morning.

He clarified that the army could not have risked releasing the particulars of the departed soldiers before notifying their next of kin.

Describing the deceased as “heroes”, Ankunda pointed out that the soldiers’ bodies are already airborne and that aircraft would touch down at Entebbe Airbase 10:00 am.

AMISOM said in a statement that the terrorists used a car loaded with explosives to trigger the attack and to facilitate their forced entry into the camp after which they engaged AMISOM soldiers in a gun-battle.

Highly placed defence sources said most of the soldiers succumbed to the fragments of explosives from the Al Shabaab vehicle.

“When the vehicle exploded, our soldiers near the entrance of our military base were hit,” a source observed.

“However, when the militants decided to engage us in the battle inside the compound, 45 of them fell while about 63 were wounded in the massive attack.”

Ankunda said Uganda “will not relent in our efforts to help in the pacification of Somalia despite the attack.”

He further warned the militants of grave consequences: “This attack is a game changer, Al Shabaab can only expect an appropriate response from UPDF.”


The Special Representative of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of AMISOM, Ambassador Maman Sidikou condemned the attack as “reprehensible” and praised the heroism of the peacekeepers who were killed during this attack noting that they have paid a worthy price while serving the people of Somalia.

“Ambassador Sidikou commiserates with the government and people of Uganda on the losses suffered during this heinous attack.”

“Although our troops undertook a tactical withdrawal following the initial vehicle borne explosive attack, they have since consolidated and regained full control of the base,” AMISOM clarified.

“Given the complex nature of the attack, AMISOM is currently verifying the number of casualties and extent of the damage.”

Uganda maintains over 6,000 troops in Somalia who have played a pivotal role in the liberation of strategic towns from Al Shabaab militants.

Al Shabaab said the attack was in response to AMISOM soldiers’ killing of seven civilians at a wedding in Marka on July 31, 2015.

Following this incident, AMISOM told a press conference that three soldiers were indicted and awaiting to be arraigned before a military judicial process over the crime.

On Thursday, Ankunda said AMISOM has accounted for all its soldiers, adding, “No missing in action from Janaale attack.”

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